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Posted June 2nd

Senior HR Manager

Austin, Texas

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Posted June 2nd

Senior HR Manager

Austin, Texas






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You're a home run of a Human Resources' people leader. How can we be so sure? All the humans say so! Not only are you supporting and encouraging like the world's greatest coach, but you're a certified pro when it comes to creating and instilling trust with your teammates. You're constantly looking out for everyone's best interest, and are quick to accommodate other's needs, kind of like a loving grandparent or an all-knowing barista-friend. You've got a knack for research, and are quick to put together surveys, audits, and reviews because there's nothing you wouldn't do to make sure your co-workers' working environment is in ship shape. You sleep like a baby when you know that your familia is happy, healthy, and growing-in size and skillset! If this sounds like you, our familia is looking for a Senior HR Manager and would love to hear from you.

About you:
    • You're the type of leader who shares a certain likeness to the approachable and friendly Energizer Bunny, for your ongoing and unstoppable positive energy.
    • Your alter ego is someone who possibly took COMMS404 in college or worked as a librarian for your excellent written and verbal communications, organization, and auditing-eye.
    • You're a natural leader, and people look to you for guidance when they're lost. You're like a compass or a handy dandy map-reliability and making people feel safe are your "things."
    • When it comes to work-be it your desk or your desktop-you've got it organized. Your planner is color-coded, everything you own's got a place, and, off the record, you're working on systemizing your work with fun acronyms and project management systems not unlike the dewey decimal point system. You've got a great system in place to keep all your deadlines, projects, and meetings in order. This way, you're always ready and never miss a beat!
    • You feel most fulfilled when you're helping others achieve their goals in an efficient and organized-manner. Like a fantastic teacher x accordion binder x soccer-parent hybrid.
    • You're the first person to start a project, always. You take initiative, this way you have ample time to meet every deadline-all while making sure you've got a back-up plan for Scenario A, B, C and Z, of course.

What you will do:
    • Oversee day-to-day HR operations of the business.
    • Develop and maintain high trust relationships across different leadership styles as well as with individual contributors.
    • Provide support to employees understanding challenges, perspectives, engagement opportunities, and other various HR-related topics, aiming to provide solutions and recommendations as needed.
    • Conduct varies workplace surveys and analysis, providing relevant recommendations to Leadership.
    • Facilitate quarterly review process by initiating cycle, providing necessary tools, supporting managers, compiling records, and other related activities.
    • Manage annual compensation planning activities, including data preparation, auditing, and reporting.
    • Match compensation for new roles in market data tool(s), taking into account Siete's compensation strategy and budget, as well as live data candidates or other resources provided.
    • Manage compliance for all applicable federal, state, and local legislation as well as our procedures and policies.
    • Audit, adjust, and manage company policies and procedures.
    • Develop and support employee engagement initiatives.
    • Research and analyze market trends related to benefits and perks to help ensure Siete's employment structure is competitive.
    • Critically analyze HR data for the purpose of identifying trends to inform HR and business strategy.
    • Maintain a pulse on the team, understanding employee concerns, motivations, and level of engagement.
    • Serve as a culture champion; identify ways to improve the employee experience, provide employee perspective to Leadership, and assist with employee recognition efforts.
    • Offer general HR support to the HR head as needed.

Your experience:
    • 5+ years of HR experience.
    • 2+ years of management experience.
    • Experience working for a start-up or high-growth company is preferred.
    • Strong knowledge of human resources best practices and/or expert knowledge in human resources functional areas.
    • PHR or SHRM certification is ideal.

Please fill out our culture questionnaire . There are no wrong answers here -we want to learn more about you!

Siete Family Foods is an equal opportunity employer and committed to diversity in its workplace. Siete Family Foods hires qualified candidates and makes all employment-related decisions based exclusively on job-related qualifications, without regard to characteristics such as race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other status protected by law.
Austin, Texas