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Over the past few years, the global food industry — estimated to exceed $12 trillion in 2020 — has largely been driven by startups setting the pace of innovation, transformative technologies changing how food is made, and the growing trend of mindful eating.

Our FoodForce team knows the food industry because we come from the food industry. With an appetite for staying on top of the latest trends, we are proud to have built the teams behind some of the most recognized natural, organic, and better-for-you food companies on the market. The FoodForce division is made up of industry and functional experts who specialize in sales, marketing, finance, operations, and HR roles.

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Food companies of all sizes trust ForceBrands to find the talent that will power their brands and drive scale.

ForceBrands brings a variety of talent to the table. Whether it be solid seasoned people who’ve been in the industry in a particular job for a while or younger talent who are rising through the ranks and looking to take on more responsibility, ForceBrands matches up the needs of the company to their search. That is why we will continue to work with them for our recruiting and staffing needs. — Peter Burns, President, and CEO

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Eva Scofield is a Client Strategist who works with companies of all sizes to help provide structure and organization to their teams. She takes pride in her ability to understand the needs of her clients, make meaningful connections, and help them scale their businesses through strategic hires.

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This bustling industry is an exciting one to watch and an even more exciting one to help build. Our specialized food division FoodForce puts us at the heart of the industry by offering executive search services, board of director assembly, and a digital job board for those hungry to go HIRE.

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