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Posted September 24th

San Antonio, Warehouse Manager - Days

San Antonio, Texas

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Posted September 24th

San Antonio, Warehouse Manager - Days

San Antonio, Texas

What You Need To Know


The Warehouse Manager I is responsible for leadership and management in a warehouse with small volume, scope, and complexity. This role will provide overall direction and coordination of all warehouse activities.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Manage all inventories through the management of Warehouse Supervisors by receiving purchases from suppliers, storing the products, filling orders to customers, and billing the merchandise
  • Ensure all warehousing employees understand and operate within the organizational, operational, inventory controls, safety and service policies and procedures
  • Manage and develop a supervisory team responsible for directing all warehouse activities and managing employee teams in the warehouse
  • Oversee the maintenance of accurate inventories through weekly cycle counts, audits and full physical inventories quarterly
  • Ensure the accuracy of filling orders to retail customers and the quality of products
  • Coach, train, direct and counsel Warehouse Supervisors on overall performance
  • Define productivity expectations and efficiencies; monitor progress regularly
  • Identify and recommend opportunities for employee development and performance improvements
  • Ensure safety and recommend maintenance improvements in the warehouse by conducting safety training, accident investigations, and equipment and facility inspections
  • Investigate complaints involving such matters as damaged product, wrong product loaded onto trucks, inventory adjustments and variances, delays in shipments, and product quality issues; make necessary adjustments and improvements
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

San Antonio, Texas