The first edition of ForceBrands‘ recently released 2019 Talent Market Report, which surveyed more than 500 leaders and full-time decision makers across CPG, revealed insights into hiring, benefits, and compensation across various industries. A significant portion of the report looked at the benefits companies are offering as an effective tool for recruiting and retaining employees.

Read on to explore the top 10 benefits that are currently being offered in CPG. Does your company offer these?

1. Paid maternity leave (offered by 57 percent of employers)
2. Paid family leave (offered by 52 percent of employers)
3. Dental insurance (offered by 51 percent of employers)
4. Vision insurance (offered by 48 of employers)
5. Bereavement leave (offered by 47 percent of employers)
6. Off-site social opportunities and meetups (offered by 47 percent of employers)
7. Paid paternity leave (offered by 47 percent of employers)
8. Partially-funded by company medical insurance plan or private healthcare (offered by 46 percent of employers)
9. 401k plan with company contribution (offered by 45 percent of employers)
10. Life insurance (offered by 45 percent of employers)

Talent Market Report

While these benefits were the most commonly offered and most highly sought after over the last year, that’s likely to change. As more millennials and Gen Z-ers, who have different priorities and values, enter the working world, the most commonly requested benefits will shift. Companies who hope to continue to attract the best and brightest new talent would do well to ensure that the benefits they’re offering are changing as well.

For more CPG hiring and benefits insights, download the report here.