Spirits were high in 2017 — in the beverage industry.

The top 25 U.S. spirits brands increased volumes by an aggregate 4.6 percent in 2017 (104 million cases), Shanken News Daily reports. Spirits comprised about 46 percent of the total category — a 43 percent increase from two years ago. None of the top 25 brands declined more than 3 percent in volume in 2017.

Of the leading 25 brands, 15 increased in volume, nine declined, and one brand’s volume remained the same. Mainstay players Tito’s, Hennessy, Jameson, and Sauza saw double-digit increases, according to Impact Databank, while the market’s largest brands Smirnoff and Bacardi declined slightly.

Tequila continues to gain momentum in the U.S. Market leader Jose Cuervo dipped 1.5 percent in 2017, but Patrón (+8 percent) and Sauza (+12 percent) saw significant increases, according to Impact Databank.

Read the full report from Shanken News Daily here.

Photo Credit: James T