What is brand DNA and why does it matter? We caught up with brand consultant and founder of Nourishing Food Marketing Christie Lee to go behind the scenes of brand identity.

For Lee, brand DNA goes beyond marketing materials and a mission statement. Cultivating a company’s core identity proves a powerful and valuable tool when it comes to making important business decisions.

“You may be at a crossroads and you may have two very difficult choices in front of you, but you have to make one of them,” Lee said. “Knowing your brand DNA and particularly your values can help you answer questions like, Should I say something about current events? Should I say something about events that you may feel personally connected to but they may or may not be a part of your brand’s DNA?” The answers to these questions can be guided by your brand DNA “to make sure that you’re living up to your values.”

Catch up with Lee and she offers in-depth insights into how companies can compose their brand DNA and what today’s consumer brands get wrong about it.

Watch the full video here.