For Yasso, Inc.‘s Chief Marketing Officer Andy Judd, the pandemic meant innovating, not pivoting. Judd and his team built up the company’s digital and omnichannel capabilities and revisited their earned media approach. By doubling down on innovation, Yasso is in a hiring position again and is on track to achieve long-term success post-pandemic.

“To me, it was eye-opening because it forced us to balance our media mix in a way that we probably never would have had to do had the pandemic never taken place,” Judd said. “We learned new capabilities. We learned how to launch new products in a totally new and different way that fundamentally changed our go-to-market approach that’s not coming back. This is now the playbook.”

Amid all these changes, Judd said that he’s never worked harder on leading and leaning into being thoughtful.

“I also think from a workplace perspective, it’s just given us the opportunity to really stretch on how we connect with each other and be more thoughtful about that.”

When it comes to hiring, marketing has had to adopt a more specialist model, which has changed the structure of compensation. Getting individuals with the right experience against the desired hard skills may require an incremental level of salary to acquire them, Judd said.

Looking ahead, there’s a lot to be excited about. The pandemic has shined a spotlight on health, wellness, and preventative care that has changed consumer behavior forever. And, in many ways, it’s made people rethink how fundamental good health is to living well.

“I’m really excited to see just really great brands with simple constructs helping people on their journey,” Judd said. “I think it’s a positive moment overall.”

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