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  • cannabis matters swathi varanasi

    Cannabis Matters with Dr. Swathi Varanasi of Element Apothec

    More than just a CBD brand, Element Apothec is at the intersection of wellness and beauty. Its founding members came together through LinkedIn networking and, after several conversations, the company was born. Through innovation and impact, Element Apothec seeks to address health and well-being through a preventative and integrative lens — all while taking care of […]

    • Cannabis
    • April 20, 2023
    • Rebecca Fryer
  • Naked Nutrition

    How Stephen Zieminski Is Redefining Clean Supplements with Naked Nutrition

    When it comes to fueling up before and after workouts, athletes know best. Former cross country and track All-American Stephen Zieminski was inspired to create Naked Nutrition after discovering that many of the health supplements on the market were comprised of unnecessary added ingredients that provided no nutritional value. Launched in 2014, Naked Nutrition was […]

  • Andy Judd

    Catching Up with Yasso’s CMO Andy Judd

    For Yasso, Inc.‘s Chief Marketing Officer Andy Judd, the pandemic meant innovating, not pivoting. Judd and his team built up the company’s digital and omnichannel capabilities and revisited their earned media approach. By doubling down on innovation, Yasso is in a hiring position again and is on track to achieve long-term success post-pandemic. “To me, […]

    • Food
    • November 14, 2021
    • Rebecca Fryer
  • Scarlett Leung

    Scarlett Leung On Why the Pandemic Is ‘Primetime’ for Sugarbreak’s Launch

    In today’s busy consumer brand universe, very rarely does a product come along that’s unlike any other and first-of-its-kind. Enter Sugarbreak, a newly launched brand that’s a blend of online retail, CPG, and healthcare, born out of a customer need. We caught up with Scarlett Leung to learn more about the company and what inspired […]

  • beekeeper

    5 Beauty and Wellness Companies to Watch in 2020

    Experts predict that 2020 will be a big year for the sweeping beauty and wellness movement. Cellular beauty, nutrition science, and more sustainable, eco-friendly products are among some of the trends that will become more mainstream as people move toward true well-being. From plant-based vitamins to naturally-derived hair care, we’re sharing some of the best […]

    • Beauty
    • December 19, 2019
    • Rebecca Fryer