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  • These Are the 4 Most In-Demand Roles in Beer, Wine, and Spirits

    The beer, wine, and spirits industry has always been dynamic, but 2023 proved challenging and unpredictable. Coming off the highs and transformations of the pandemic years, consumer brands in 2023 navigated through a maze of market fluctuations, economic volatility, and evolving consumer preferences, amplifying the need for strategic leadership. According to Rachel Doueck, Senior Director […]

    • Featured
    • January 9, 2024
    • ForceBrands
  • Andy Judd

    Catching Up with Yasso’s CMO Andy Judd

    For Yasso, Inc.‘s Chief Marketing Officer Andy Judd, the pandemic meant innovating, not pivoting. Judd and his team built up the company’s digital and omnichannel capabilities and revisited their earned media approach. By doubling down on innovation, Yasso is in a hiring position again and is on track to achieve long-term success post-pandemic. “To me, […]

    • Food
    • November 14, 2021
    • Rebecca Fryer
  • Kathy Maurella

    Catching Up with Waterloo’s CMO Kathy Maurella

    Kathy Maurella joined Waterloo Sparkling Water in the midst of the pandemic — December 2020. As Chief Marketing Officer, she jumped right in to help lay the groundwork that has ultimately set the brand on a course for continued success. By leveraging data and insights, listening to the consumer, and ultimately revisiting the basics of […]

    • Food
    • November 13, 2021
    • Rebecca Fryer