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Posted June 1st

The Marketing Person

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Posted June 1st

The Marketing Person





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About The Position
About the Position

Wildway is looking for The Marketing Person. Sure, we could call this a CMO, Director of Marketing, VP of Marketing, or Head of Global Marketing, but let’s be honest—titles suck and they don’t ever describe accurately what someone really does for a company. Besides, if you look up “chief” in the dictionary you will get things like “a ruler of people” or “the most important” neither of which are phrases we will ever use to describe anyone at Wildway (que the young Zac Efron vibes). It’s a wonder why that word still makes its way into titles these days. 

Anyway… as “The Marketing Person” you will lead the charge on all things marketing related—our brand, our vision, our strategy, our look, our feel, our voice, and everything in between. You will quite literally be THE Marketing Person (hence the name). You will work with agencies, designers, and other ‘marketing people’ to devise the overall vision and strategy for Wildway and then execute on said vision and strategy. 

To make the rest of this easier, here are some PCBAQ (potentially could-be-asked questions) that you might have about the position:

Do I need to have previous marketing experience?

Nope. Certainly not a requirement; however, if asked for a PR strategy and you say, “I did get a PR in the gym last week, thanks for asking”. Or asked how you would measure the ROI on a campaign and you say, “My dad’s name is Roy too, but he spells it with a ‘y’”. Or you’re asked to analyze campaign attribution in relation to both ecommerce and retail grocery and you say, “Well people probably saw our add and that’s why they bought”, then this is probably not the job for you. 

Some of the things you will be asked to do include:
  • Establish KPIs for different media and marketing channels and assess our past, current, and potential performance across multiple channels based on these KPIs and industry standards
  • Establish a marketing scope and overall strategy 6-12 months out
  • Use our consumer insights to find new and innovative marketing tactics and channels 
  • Use industry data and analysis to help influence new product development and product line extensions
  • Develop content to aid in sales support for both in-person grocery retail and ecommerce retail channels
  • Develop and execute integrated marketing campaigns multiple times a year across multiple platforms 

Since Wildway is a food company, do I need to have experience with food and nutrition?

Again, certainly not a requirement at all; however, if you’ve ever said things like “I wish more grain-free things were gluten-free”, or “whole wheat bread is keto, because its made with whole wheat”, or “I only drink soda zero, which is good for me because there is literally zero of everything on the nutrition label”, then, again, probably not the job for you.

Do you have education requirements?

Once again, nope. We believe talent can come from anywhere and education doesn’t necessarily correlate to being successful at what you do. Other traits that mean much more to us include: 

Grit – We’re small company with limited resources. Doing a lot with a little has been a mantra for us since we started. We don’t have enormous, unlimited budgets. The food business is a hard business especially for brands that are also manufacturers like us. It will take grit and creativity to be successful. 

Initiative – We’re a small team with little hierarchy and little to no ‘red tape’. Taking ideas and running with them and using your talent, skills, and knowledge to take the initiative up front is highly valued. We learn a lot through mistakes and can always ask for forgiveness later. 

Responsibility – A value to our team is someone who takes full responsibility for their job, their successes, their failures, and their role in helping the company grow and succeed as a whole.  

Creativity—The natural/health food business is full of, what I call, a “sea of sameness”. Lots of companies doing and saying the same things, the same ways, using the same platforms and the same techniques. Creativity will be essential to break away from that mold and stand out from the crowd.

And it’s also incredibly important that you align with our company core values:

1.       Have an attitude of gratitude
2.       Hustle but have fun
3.       No task too big, no job too small
4.       Everybody matters
5.       Make life an adventure

You can read more by checking out our Wildway Manifesto here.

What social media platforms do I need to have experience with?

Well, not many, actually. As of mid May, Wildway went dormant on most social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest) and we currently don’t (and don’t plan to) utilize TikTok or Snapchat. These platforms don’t support our mission as a company and don’t align with our values. In my opinion, these platforms support idealization, comparison, and validation seeking behavior that just don’t align with what we stand for, therefore we have stopped using them and stopped supporting them with our ad dollars. Herein lies one of the first big challenges for you as The Marketing Person. How do we make our voice heard without the use of these platforms? How do we ‘market’ in a different way—a way that aligns with our values—a way that is authentically us?

Do I need to believe in what you are selling and what you stand for?

If we need to answer this question then this is not a job you should be applying for. 

This is a 100% in-office and in-person role, right? A pretty typical 9-5 situation with a 30min lunch break where I eat at my desk because I feel guilty for leaving and know the boss is always watching me?

Not that it matters to me, because I am way more interested in the culture, the brand, and the people I will be working with, but for the sake of just asking—what are some of the benefits and perks?

Some of these were already mentioned above, but some of the benefits include:

  • A 4-day workweek
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Remote and flexible work schedule
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Reimbursable lifestyle expenses like gym memberships, races, and state & national park fees

So, what are the next steps and how do I actually apply?

This would be helpful to know, right? Click HERE to download the job application. 

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement
Wildway is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.
This policy applies to all employment practices within our organization, including hiring, recruiting, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, leave of absence, compensation, benefits, training, and apprenticeship. Wildway makes hiring decisions based solely on qualifications, merit, and business needs at the time.
Function Details
  • Reports To Owner/Founder