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Chief Marketing Officer

Remote · Posted Apr 23
Whiskey will always be an Irish drink. Centuries ago, the Irish brought it to America, and the Americans fell in love with it. They drew inspiration from it. But what if there was still inspiration to be found and adventure to be had…? With Natterjack, we set out on that adventure – an adventure to see what more fun could be had if we preserved the integrity of the basics but played with the rule book of Irish whiskey. 
Our whiskey is an affectionate tribute to the Natterjack toad because, just like the Natterjack, our whiskey has chosen a different path. The Natterjack is the only toad native to Ireland. While all around it are hopping, it walks. It chooses its own course. Thanks to an adventurous spirit and ability to roam, it shows up in the most unlikely of places, not unlike the Irish. Like the Natterjack, our story is also one of endless adventure, doing things differently and living deliberately. It's time for Irish Whiskey to choose a different path.
Who are you, and what can we achieve?
We are looking for a true brand-building expert ready to hit the ground running—an entrepreneurial individual with the comfort and confidence to effectively lead a brand and marketing team. You enjoy breaking molds and challenging norms. You are rebellious–but not for rebellious sake. Your foundation is built on hands-on marketing experience building and growing brands from scratch.
You are a strong executor who encourages your team to take action and get things done. You have the constant drive to contribute dynamic, strategic ideas and leadership to your team. You have the unwavering desire to “win daily" and be part of a proud team of creative, disrupting, and innovative industry professionals; you're ready to join the adventure, achieve big goals, and grow a brand internationally. 
Position Summary
The Chief Marketing Officer develops and leads all company marketing operations, including planning, designing, implementing, and overseeing its overall marketing strategy and vision.
The CMO provides leadership and direction for the marketing, public relations, advertising, and creative service teams. They offer strategic direction in developing and marketing all brands/experiences under the company umbrella and shape the company’s public profile by building awareness. They balance a practical mindset with creative business acumen and lead people through inspiration.
Detail of Responsibilities
  • Leads the development of the company marketing plan, working closely with clients, management, creative and content teams, and distribution partners to create an effective and efficient marketing strategy focused on growing audiences for all brands/experiences.
  • Spearheads the strategic and tactical execution of marketing campaigns, including implementation of tests, tracking, results reporting, analysis, and recommendations.
  • Ensures consistency in brand voice, design, and execution for all branding and marketing initiatives.
  • Manages agency creative work on package development, marketing materials, sales materials, public relations, media, and social campaigns.
  • Provides ongoing training to ensure the team consistently performs above standard.
  • Attends and/or participates at conventions, conferences, tradeshows, and other events, preparing engaging displays and collateral as needed and providing post-event reports and analysis.
  • Sets marketing goals and objectives.
  • Reviews and manages social media content strategy.
  • Determines KPIs for the marketing department, tracks them regularly, and presents reports.
  • Identifies short-term and long-term scheduling, budget, and resource needs, including developing and managing an annual marketing budget, profit/loss projections, expenditure spending, and other financial considerations.
  • Uses key marketing performance metrics and tracking tools to provide market research, forecasts, competitive analyses, campaign results, and consumer trends to translate results into actionable insights for the marketing team.
  • Design and coordinate promotional campaigns, PR, and other marketing efforts across channels (digital, press, etc.)
  • Develops and implements internet marketing strategies and non-web-based initiatives that include search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and print media.
  • Conducts statistical studies and prepares regular summary reports that measure performance outcomes and return on investment.
  • Surveys the competitive landscape to optimize web presence.
  • Manages vendor and consultant relationships and monitors the progress and efficiency of the work
  • Manages the development of marketing materials; collaborates with the design team.
  • Plans and organizes marketing functions and operations (product development, branding, communications, etc.) and ensures they project the company’s unique “voice.”
  • Directly oversees the Brand Manager, Brand Ambassador Team, and marketing-related agencies.  
What we look for in an employee
·       Professional and personable
·       Very diligent and detail-oriented
·       Deadline-focused and goal-driven
·       Resourceful
·       Helpful and service-driven
·       Self-motivated with strong time management skills and thorough follow-through
·       A sincere individual with strong ethics
·       You are eager to learn
·       You are an excellent communicator who values face-to-face conversations
·       A strong executor who gets things done
·       You are trustworthy and exercise great humility
·       You love what you do; your craft is your passion
Required Qualifications
·       Proven ability and experience in marketing and promoting fast-moving consumer goods.
·       At least six (6) years of marketing experience in the spirits segment
·       A minimum of six (6) years of experience with budgeting, planning, and financial analysis
·       A minimum of six (6) years of experience in advertising, marketing, and brand management required
·       Extensive knowledge of the alcoholic beverage market/industry.
·       Brand development leadership (performing as the key decision maker) 
·       Product and portfolio development 
·       Digital Marketing 
·       Social media program development and initiatives 
·       Trade program partnership and development 
·       A successful track record in executing marketing strategies and initiatives 
·       Experience in leading a team 
·       Previous experience in a role that requires strong attention to detail, communication skills, and a focus on quality. 
·       Experience managing vendor and ad agency partnerships 
·       E-commerce insights 
·       Data Analytics 
·       Previous experience in a role that requires strong attention to detail, communication skills, and a focus on quality. 
·       Excellent written and verbal communication
·       Must be able to travel as needed
·       Must possess a valid driver's license and secure and maintain auto-liability insurance by state laws
·       Must be 21 years of age
·       Benefits: Health
·       Paid time off
·       Flexible work environment
·       Additional benefit opportunities available 
Physical Demands & Work Environment
·       Prolonged periods of standing and walking
·       Ability to lift up to 30 pounds
Gortinore Distillers & Co Story + Culture
Ours is a story of endless adventure...

Natterjack Irish whiskey was born of a quest for adventure, to leave the beaten track and create a new one for ourselves. As a group of pioneering spirits driven by a passion to make whiskey, we left all we knew behind to create something different, to build something.

Independent of industry shackles and corporate ownership has been liberating, but it has not been easy getting here. Building something great takes mettle, sweat, and an ounce of terror… You'll taste the true authenticity of adventure and fear in our whiskey. Live Deliberately is our mantra, and that is what we set out to do every day.

We set out to make new whiskey traditions for a generation that is challenging the status quo. We stand on the shoulders of giants to create something interesting, adventurous, and new. Natterjack is the result of our adventure - an adventure that we are still on, and like any good adventure, it is full of twists and turns and has a hero you can believe in at its core - the Natterjack toad.

Through our whiskey, we invite you to join us on the adventure; there is always room for one more.

Live deliberately. 

An Irish Whiskey with an American Accent
Natterjack is for people who want to try something a little different. Mixing the craft of Irish whiskey with the aging techniques of a bourbon. Enjoy it however you like - neat, on the rocks, in a cocktail - Natterjack, like the Irish, is versatile and mixes well.

As a group of pioneering spirits, we left all we knew behind to create something different. The result – a unique fusion of Irish and American whiskey traditions.
Introducing Natterjack Toad
It's an intriguing character.

Its distinctive yellow stripe sets it apart from other toads. While all around it are hopping, it walks. It chooses its own course. With a call that can be heard from two kilometers away, you will hear it before you see it; it's not shy. The only toad native to Ireland, a tendency to roam and love of a story shared are buried deep in its DNA. Like the Irish, it travels well and is shaped by the places it goes and the people it meets along the way.
What better namesake for our whiskey? Join it on the journey; everyone is welcome. You never know where you may end up.