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Posted May 14th

Manager, Sales Planning Walmart/Club

Hershey, Pennsylvania



The Hershey Company



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Posted May 14th

Manager, Sales Planning Walmart/Club

Hershey, Pennsylvania







Job Location: Hershey, PA


Play a vital role in leading, developing, and executing portfolio strategy for Walmart and Club to drive growth and profitability over the strategic plan. Leverage consumer and retailer insights to drive customer/channel specific portfolio initiatives through collaboration with the Hershey organization meeting growth and profit objectives, internal hurdles and company/customer timelines.
  • Serve as Home Office lead in developing the portfolio strategy for Walmart and Club, coordinating, and executing one- and three-year collaborative customer planning process.
  • Be the internal expert on Walmart and Club, understanding key Customer strategies and P&Ls, success metrics, programs, and syndicated purchase/shopper data.
  • Collaborate with Sales, Marketing, CSI, Operations, Finance, and R&D to create, execute and communicate portfolio expansion plans that win in the market place


Collaborate with Hershey, Walmart, and Club teams to develop portfolios that meet growth objectives; develop strategic linkage from Company to Customer Plans; coordinate internal and external resources to deliver comprehensive portfolio success
  • Oversee and deliver Everyday and/or Seasonal Portfolio Strategies for Walmart and Club inclusive of product and non-product innovation, packtype creation and space expansion
  • Understand and analyze syndicated and shopper data from Consumers/Customers to identify opportunities and make fact-based strategic recommendations that result in portfolio expansion and market place success

QUALIFICATIONS (Knowledge, Skills, Education, Experience, etc.):

Education: Bachelor's degree required, MBA or equivalent marketplace experience preferred.

Experience: 7+ years of experience in Marketing, Sales and/or Portfolio strategy

The Hershey Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The policy of The Hershey Company is to extend opportunities to qualified applicants and employees on an equal basis regardless of an individual's race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, transgender status, physical or mental disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other categories protected by applicable federal, state or local laws.

The Hershey Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Minority/Female/Disabled/Protected Veterans
Hershey, Pennsylvania