Technology plays an instrumental role in the workplace, particularly when it comes to HR. From how HR professionals connect with employees, to how they analyze employee performance and track hiring trends in recruitment and retention, technology is a powerful tool in the hiring sphere.

When it comes to talent acquisition, virtual interviews are gaining in popularity, especially in the early stages of the hiring process. According to Jobbatical, 60 percent of hiring managers and recruiters now use video technology for interviewing. Virtual interviews offer a number of solutions: for busy candidates, they save interviewees travel time; they accommodate potential candidates with disabilities; and they offer employers the opportunity to screen candidates who are long-distance.

Although an increased number of employers are forgoing traditional in-office interviews and replacing them with virtual ones, there are few employee resources available for those looking to ace the virtual interview. There are certain things that candidates should consider when preparing to make a good first impression.

We asked some of ForceBrands‘ Executive Recruiters to share some tips on how candidates can increase their chances of moving forward in the hiring process after a virtual interview. Read on to explore some interview tips that will get you to the next step: an in-person meeting.

Test all your technology
Before your virtual interview, check that your camera is clean, headphones or speakers are working properly, your microphone doesn’t distort your voice, and your Internet connection is not spotty. While certain mishaps can unexpectedly happen during the interview, your safest bet is to eliminate as many risks as possible.

Maintain your image
Our recruiters say it’s best to have a simple neutral background behind you without distractions. Clean up the room you are going to be in so it’s tidy. Dress up like you would for an in-person interview and make sure you look polished and prepared to meet the hiring managers.

Take some notes
A virtual interview gives you the advantage that an in-person interview lacks: using your computer for help. You have an opportunity to prepare in advance and create a note on your screen with any company information you deem important, questions you might want to ask the hiring manager, or anything else that could help you master the interview. Just be sure you are not constantly looking away from the camera or look like you are reading something off the screen.

Eliminate distractions
Make sure you pick the time and place when it’s most quiet: no roommates, family members, pets, or neighbors around. Close the windows to isolate your space from any outside noises. Both noises and people making an appearance during an interview can be extremely distracting to both you and a hiring manager.

Practice and act as you would in an in-person interview
Hiring managers will see you the same way they would in an in-person interview so practice and make sure you control and watch your facial expressions and body language. While you can use notes more openly in a virtual interview, it’s better to practice a variety of responses to potential interview questions, so it doesn’t seem like you are just reading notes and not engaging in an actual conversation.

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