ForceBrands’ 2019 Talent Market Report found that employee benefits were one of the best, most effective ways for companies to attract and retain top talent in the incredibly competitive CPG industry. While some companies are offering more traditional benefits like 401(k) matching programs (45 percent of CPG companies offer this plan to their employees) and paid maternity leave (57 percent), others are offering more unique perks like financial assistance for in vitro fertilization and gender reassignment procedures.

From paid sabbaticals, massages, to dog-friendly offices, incredible employee perks do exist. Below, we’ve rounded up several CPG companies that offer some of these benefits as well as a host of others.

1. Spa treatments
Companies across several industries have begun offering complimentary massages for their hard-working employees as a way to reduce stress and boost morale. Some companies offer these services on-site, while others, like Francis Ford Coppola Wine, offer annual reimbursement for spa days. Additionally, their yearly wellness fair allows employees to receive flu shots and health assessments without having to leave the office.

2. Pet-friendly everything (‘pawternity leave’ is a thing!)
Studies have shown that petting or playing with dogs can decrease the level of stress-inducing hormones. As a result of these findings, some offices have begun allowing employees to bring their furry friends to work. Some companies like BrewDog featured on this list offer pawternity leave for new pet parents to take time off to spend with their newly adopted animals. SnackNation, a healthy snack delivery service, allows their team members to bring their pups to work any day of the week, “bringing smiles to everyone they greet.” The arrangement also helps lower the cost of pet care for SnackNation employees (as they no longer have to pay for doggy daycare or a dog walker) and eases some of the guilt that pet parents may feel about leaving them alone all day.

3. Gender reassignment support
Ten years ago, only 49 major U.S. companies offered transgender-inclusive health care benefits, according to Career Builder. As of 2019, the number is topping 500. While there’s still a long way to go when it comes to making health care accessible for everyone regardless of their gender identity or expression, ForceBrands stands proudly behind the companies that are paving the way. General Mills is an example of a company that recently (as of January 1, 2019) expanded its health insurance policies to partially fund gender reassignment procedures.

4. Paid sabbaticals
Paid sabbaticals used to be a thing of corporate lore. These days, more companies than ever before are offering their employees paid leave to pursue personal or professional growth. Some companies, like BrewDog, a craft beer company, offer them as a longevity reward. After five years of working at BrewDog, the company grants a four-week fully-paid sabbatical, and another four weeks for every five years after that. But by that time (at ten years), BrewDog will pay for team members to attend the Copenhagen Beer Celebration — all expenses paid.

5. Happy hours
Several companies have turned to on-site happy hours and unlimited beer kegs to help boost employee morale and encourage team bonding. MillerCoors, one of America’s most popular brewers, provides free alcohol at the end of every workday, as well as a monthly gathering for beer and cider lovers called Brewers Unleashed, where attendees can learn about the history behind several tasty brews and sample their favorites.

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