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  • Dixie Wildflower Honey-Vodka

    Start It Sunday: How Matti Anttila of Grain and Barrel Spirits Resets On Sunday

    Matti Anttila heads one of the most innovative emerging spirits companies in the industry, Grain and Barrel Spirits. And although he’s on the road often helping to bring to life the brands in the company’s diverse portfolio (Dixie, Chicken Cock, Endless Summer), he makes sure to schedule downtime with his family on Sundays. Learn more […]

  • Good Culture

    Start It Sunday: How Good Culture’s Jesse Merrill Disconnects On Weekends

    Serial entrepreneur Jesse Merrill, the force behind Good Culture, knows that working hard demands balance. Getting outdoors, disconnecting from technology, and practicing mindful meditation are a few of the ways he recharges for the week ahead. Read on to discover more tips on how to stay focused and engaged during the week. Here’s how Merrill […]

    • Career Advice
    • August 23, 2019
    • Rebecca Fenton
  • mood33

    Sunday Funday with Co-Founder of BeyondBrands and mood33 Eric Schnell

    mood33 isn’t your average cannabis-infused beverage brand — it’s colorful and vibrant with unique flavor profiles to satisfy whatever good-mood feeling you’re looking to achieve. “We opted to own the power of the word ‘mood’ and its connotation in our brand name and chose to offer SKU naming formats of the feelings inspired by each […]

  • Magic Spoon

    Start It Sunday: How the Founders of Magic Spoon Break From Routine

    “Cereal” entrepreneurs Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewit set out to create “childlike cereal for adults” following the successful launch and sale of their first venture, EXO Cricket Protein Bars. The result was Magic Spoon, the perfect breakfast for anyone who loves cereal but wants a healthier option. Recently launched, Magic Spoon offers direct-to-consumer gluten- and grain-free […]

  • Plant People CBD

    Start It Sunday: How Plant People’s Co-Founders Ease Into the Week

    Sundays are well spent for the co-founders of Plant People, a New York-based startup that offers premium high-performance CBD across a range of products. We caught up with Gabe Kennedy and Hudson Gaines-Ross to see how they approach the start of the workweek. Read on to discover how they Start It Sunday. Q: What does […]

  • JAJA Tequila

    Start It Sunday: JAJA Tequila’s Co-Founders Share Their Monday Mentalities

    JAJA Tequila (pronounced ha-ha) is quite literally putting the fun back in tequila. We caught up with the brand’s co-founders Martin Hoffstein and Maurice Tebele to learn more about JAJA Tequila’s story and how they’re adjusting to life since its launch in 2018. How do they Start It Sunday? Read on to learn more about […]

    • BevForce
    • February 22, 2019
    • Rebecca Fenton
  • Beanfields CEO Arnulfo Ventura

    Start It Sunday: Beanfields’ CEO Arnulfo Ventura’s ‘Hustler’s Mentality’

    Plant-based snack company Beanfields is entering hyper-growth mode, and ‘Chief Bean Aficiando’ Arnulfo Ventura could not be more excited. When Ventura stepped into his role as CEO last July, he knew it was an opportunity that he couldn’t turn down. “There’s plenty of challenge [in my role leading Beanfields], and on top of that, you […]

    • FoodForce
    • February 6, 2019
    • Rebecca Fenton
  • Recess

    Start It Sunday: Weekends with the Founder and CEO of Recess, Ben Witte

    Ben Witte never set out to launch a beverage company although now, as CEO and Founder of Recess, he has big ambitions to disrupt the space with his cannabis-infused sparkling water. Introduced in October, newcomer Recess aspires to be an all-new consumer lifestyle brand creating products to help people feel more balanced in an increasingly stressful […]

    • BevForce
    • December 1, 2018
    • Rebecca Fenton
  • Dawn Kelley Barney Butter

    Start It Sunday: How the President and CEO of Barney Butter Motivates for the Week Ahead

    Dawn Kelley truly believes that you are what you eat. In her role as President and CEO of Barney Butter, she oversees the brand’s day-to-day business operations while seamlessly merging her passion for both food and health. “I am a big believer in leaving things better than you found them,” Kelley told ForceBrands. “So when I […]

    • FoodForce
    • November 16, 2018
    • Rebecca Fenton