Matti Anttila heads one of the most innovative emerging spirits companies in the industry, Grain and Barrel Spirits. And although he’s on the road often helping to bring to life the brands in the company’s diverse portfolio (Dixie, Chicken Cock, Endless Summer), he makes sure to schedule downtime with his family on Sundays.

Learn more about how Antilla uses Sunday to reset before powering up for the week ahead. Here’s how he likes to Start It Sunday:

Matti AnttilaQ: What does your Sunday routine look like?
A: With two daughters, 9 and 11, my primary goal on Sundays is to be hyper-focused on family time. I travel a lot so when I’m home, it’s time I cherish. It’s not easy to turn off my work brain, but I do my best. Hopefully I’ve already planned for the week ahead so I can turn everything off, particularly technology. It’s a work in progress. Sundays also give me a chance to catch up on fun reading, watch sports (49ers and golf), and given the fact that we live at the beach, hopefully catch some waves. Basically reset and power up for the week ahead. Ideally, I don’t work on Sundays.

Q: How do you approach the start of each work week?
A: I try and do a recap of the previous week either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. That then allows me to come into the office Monday morning and spend the first hour really focused on how to be as productive as possible. We always have a million and one things going on and one of the key roles I have as CEO is to make sure we’re all focused on the right things. Preparation then allows us to manage the fires that inevitably arise during the week.

Q: What are some tips for motivating on Monday?
A: Given how much I travel, I tend to be super motivated going into a week I know I will be in the office and not on the road. When I’m traveling on Monday, it’s more difficult; I know my “ideal” routine will be disrupted. As with a lot of things, preparation is key. If I’ve recapped the previous week effectively and have a clear sense of what needs to be accomplished in the upcoming week, I tend to be pretty calm and motivated. Overall, I try not to schedule anything for the first couple of hours on Monday. That way, I know I will have time to think strategically about the upcoming week and key company priorities. I’m an inconsistent meditator, but generally, my go-to strategy when I’m feeling off, anxious, or not optimally motivated is to take 10-20 minutes and meditate. It provides a quick and effective reset.

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