Plant-based snack company Beanfields is entering hyper-growth mode, and ‘Chief Bean Aficiando’ Arnulfo Ventura could not be more excited. When Ventura stepped into his role as CEO last July, he knew it was an opportunity that he couldn’t turn down.

“There’s plenty of challenge [in my role leading Beanfields], and on top of that, you add the dynamics of a turnaround, venture capital-backed company that was previously struggling to unlock the next stage of growth — well that just had me salivating,” Ventura told ForceBrands exclusively. “Let me at that Rubik’s Cube please!”

It’s no surprise then that when it comes to approaching the start of a new work week, Ventura brings a ‘hustler’s mentality’ to Mondays and embraces each new week as an opportunity to achieve new goals. No Sunday scaries, here.

Read on to learn how he likes to Start It Sunday. And for those of you just joining us, Start It Sunday is ForceBrands’ initiative designed to raise awareness around the ‘Sunday scaries’ (the anxiety that affects 76 percent of Americans that is caused by the impending return to work). The motivational campaign empowers readers like you to fear no Sunday and take on every Monday — just like Ventura does.

Let’s get it started:

Q: What does your Sunday routine look like?
A: Gardening or Boxing. I’m an active person, so I always have to be moving. I find gardening and tending to the yard to be therapeutic. I love feeling the soil in my hands — it’s just a different kind of energy than anything I experience during the work week. Whether it’s gardening or boxing, they both leave me spent, and that helps ensure I get a solid night’s sleep so that I show up fresh on Monday.

Q: How do you approach the start of each work week?
A: Early. I kind of work freakish hours, but the first day back is always extra early — and it starts with a good breakfast, a hot coffee in hand, and a hustler’s mentality. The quiet in the morning allows me to outline the plan for the week and separate the critical tasks from the important ones.

Q: What are some tips for motivating on Monday?
A: Take it all away. Strip away any previous accomplishments, advancements, titles, etc. and force yourself to make it ‘day one’ all over again. Now, go prove yourself — earn it back, again!

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Photo Credit: Harold Made, Brooklyn-based creative agency