Ask any recruiter or hiring manager and they’ll be the first to tell you that a cover letter matters when it comes to applying for a role. Cover letters prove that you’ve put in the extra effort and can articulately speak to your accomplishments. But more than that, they convey why you’re interested in the role.

Read on for some best cover letter writing tips that will make your candidacy stand out among the competition.

1. Showcase Your Value Prop
Your cover letter is an opportunity for you to go beyond your résumé and showcase why your experience and skills make you a great candidate for the role. What can you offer the company? What will you be able to accomplish given your unique skill set? Your cover letter is an opportunity to sell yourself.

2. Make Every Word Count
The best cover letter is one that is succinct and to the point. Skip the fluff and make every sentence count. If the sentence doesn’t add value or help to tell your story, nix it. Remember, you can always add the missing details to your résumé.

3. Proofread
While this seems like an obvious tip, you might be surprised to learn how many cover letters get submitted with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. You can avoid this by having your cover letter proofread by more than one pair of eyes.

4. Personalize Your Letter
This is one of the best cover letter writing tips that often gets overlooked. Remember to not only address your letter to the appropriate hiring manager but to tailor the letter to the role and the company.

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