Spelling errors are career enders, according to ForceBrands’ digital sales team about the most detrimental résumé mistakes candidates make. Candidates should take their time crafting their résumé as it’s the most important document when it comes to getting first noticed by employers.

Read on to discover some expert tips if you’re looking to land that initial call. Does your résumé need to be updated based on these below guidelines?

1. Too Much Experience
Ever heard that too much of a good thing can be bad? It’s not the number of years you’ve spent working that matters ― it’s how much of that time was dedicated to your roles. Unless you’re a freelancer or have a valid explanation of why you’ve jumped from company to company so frequently, it’s best to include only your most compelling long-term work experiences.

2. Misspellings or Grammatical Errors
This is an obvious one, but it happens more often than you think. Don’t overlook the value of having a second pair of editorial eyes on your résumé. While some hiring managers may overlook these mishaps for sales role, they’ll likely flag and reject résumés with typos for marketing or communications roles.

3. Artwork
Unless you’re a graphic designer, avoid making your résumé look too colorful or artsy. The format of your résumé should match the type of job you are applying for. If the role is more professional in nature, a standard, simple, black and white format is just fine. After all, your experience should (and will) sell itself.

4. Keep It Relevant
Hiring managers want to see those professional certifications that are relevant to the position for which you are applying. Tailor your résumé to that specific role.

5. The One-Page Rule
Think of your résumé as your elevator pitch. Sell yourself on one page, and make it the best one page it can be, regardless of how much great experience you’ve had.

And lastly, don’t forget your cover letter.

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