Have you ever considered that the only thing standing in the way of accomplishing your loftiest goals just might be you? When it comes to achieving aspirational goals, mindset, accountability, and other factors play key roles.

Best-selling author, speaker, and executive coach Nicholas Leighton helps business owners be happier and more profitable. In an article for Entrepreneur, Leighton outlines six practical ways to push your limits to accomplish things you never thought possible.

“Growth comes from pushing the limits of what’s possible within your existing skill set and expertise,” Leighton shares with Entrepreneur. “Of the hundreds of entrepreneurs I have coached, the most successful have perfected these six tactics.”

Read on for some motivating pieces of insight:

1. Change your mindset from limited to limitless

When it comes to pushing your own boundaries, mind over matter is key. If you believe you can’t achieve something, then you are limiting yourself and your abilities. Leighton cites that it may be these limiting beliefs that are holding you back. To push past these mental hurdles, ask yourself Why isn’t this possible? or Who told you that you couldn’t accomplish this? Your mindset is a powerful tool and can be one of the best resources for helping you reach your full potential.

2. Set those goals high

Go ahead, dream big. Those visionary, pie-in-the-sky ideas that you might have may actually be more realistic than you think. But just as micro-habits are the key to sustainable growth, setting smaller goals along the way are good stepping stones to achieving the larger ones. Leighton says that setting smaller goals can help you identify where you may be limiting your progress.

3. Determine your motivation

It seems obvious that motivation plays an integral role in achieving goals of any kind. Leighton encourages manifesting these dreams through visualization. Photos, mood boards, and daily mantras are all good ways to keep your goals top of mind.

4. Get uncomfortable

Doing something you’ve never done often means pushing yourself. Naturally, this can feel uncomfortable for many. Be mindful that growth comes from challenging yourself. “If you are never uncomfortable, you can never grow. Challenge yourself to do new things that you feel are uncomfortable. Over time, you’ll begin feeling comfortable with your new limits,” Leighton says. “Repeating this process over and over will help you continue to stretch yourself. Remember that every expert was once a beginner.”

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