Whether you’re looking for a new job or simply want to refresh your profile, there’s never a bad time to update your online résumé on LinkedIn.

Read on to discover some pro tips from ForceBrands recruiters on how you can stand out, get noticed, and build a more powerful LinkedIn profile. Oh, and don’t forget to avoid these common mistakes, too.

1. Take a Professional Headshot
A professional headshot on LinkedIn can go a long way. It demonstrates that you care about that first impression and are serious about your work. According to hiring managers, it can make a difference in getting noticed among the crowd of candidates if you’re seeking new opportunities.

2. Highlight Your Experiences
Instead of simply listing your roles with their respective employers and dates, go one step further and jot down some of your responsibilities and accomplishments. This shows people what you are capable of achieving and will increase the likelihood for someone to endorse your skills.

3. Join Groups
It goes without saying that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for online networking. With more than 450 million users and growing, it’s a great platform for meeting new and interesting people. Connect with hiring managers or employees who work at companies that interest you. In other words, get ‘linked in.’

4. Get in Front of Recruiters
If you’re open to new opportunities, there’s a place to confidentially mark that on your profile so that only recruiters can find you. Even if you’re not looking, it may benefit you to keep an open mind.

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