ForceForward is a video interview series from ForceBrands that highlights what businesses and teams look like tomorrow. 

Just Google search Nik Sharma and you’ll find a host of articles describing him as ‘the DTC guy.’ It’s a fitting title, too, considering he’s long been a digital guru. At the age of 15, he was helping to craft the social strategies for celebrities like MAGIC! and Pitbutt. Now, he’s helming Sharma Brands as CEO where he’s helping to build some of today’s most exciting high growth e-commerce brands.

We caught up with the digital marketing maven to learn more about his career, why brands should focus on community, and more.

Check out some highlights below:

On Community
“Community, to me, is an extremely important part of the marketing funnel … overall it stems from just good customer service from the top down.”

On What Keeps Him Up at Night
“There’s always just so much going on and I’m always trying to do more and more and more … [I guess it just comes down to] how can you take what’s running and just consistently make it better.”

On the Secret to His Success
“In general, just always wanting to be doing more.”

Watch the full episode here.