We’ve always been told, never judge a book by its cover, and we’ve also been told that first impressions matter. Truth be told, as humans, we are all very visual beings. So why would it be any different when it comes to all things visual on e-commerce, and more specifically, on Amazon?

These days, brands are creating an experience online that is not only based on what matters to the consumer, but design that converts. As experts in e-commerce, we understand that design also depends on how we can connect emotionally to the consumer and enhance their online shopping experience to keep them coming back. It’s crucial to allow your consumers to get to know you through the creatives you optimize on Amazon.

Now where does Vendo come in? As an Amazon agency, we know all the best practices, including all things creative. While initially Amazon may not seem like the best platform for creative branding, you’ll be surprised how important optimizing the visuals are, which include product images, infographics, A+ content pages, and brand stores. Optimizing all these creatives helps contribute to building a brand presence on Amazon, as well as the overall success of the brand.

While content creation on Amazon also includes copywriting (i.e. titles, features, descriptions), for the purpose of this blog, we’re just going to focus on the visual content. According to Amazon, “90 percent of shoppers click through every image in the product library for the product they ultimately buy.”

That’s why the main product images and infographics are crucial, especially since many shoppers are mobile users. The images need to be high quality, visually attractive, and represent the product(s) well. The infographics are a great way to incorporate lifestyle images with some key call outs that highlight the product(s).

Next, we have A+ content pages. If you scroll down to the middle of the product page, this is where you’ll find them. This is a great way to “bring more attention to the best features of the brand, products, and catalog”, create more visual content, and cross-sell related products. This content page helps the consumer become more familiar with the brand, thus building brand awareness. Optimizing this area alone can increase sales by 3-10 percent, so, why not?

Lastly, Amazon brand stores are just as important to optimize. Look at this as your branded destination site on Amazon. Essentially, your own online store within Amazon. It is important to note that in order to be eligible, you must ensure you have a registered trademark enrolled in Brand Registry. Once you have that, this is a great place to enhance the customer experience via a strong brand image. If you already have a branded website or a variety of social media platforms, it’s also a great way to mirror that design. This helps create familiarity for the consumer and a seamless and synergistic brand experience for the consumer. Once the store is up and running, there are additional metrics that can be used to help form marketing and advertising strategies.

Optimizing your creatives and keeping consistency in design will ultimately help you build your presence effectively on Amazon. Know what sets you apart and approach your brand creatives with quality design that visually communicates your brand well. Brand authenticity creates better connections with consumers, and that’s no different on Amazon.