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Posted January 11th

Senior Marketing Manager


The Sustainable Agave Company


Production and Manufacturing and Supplier

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Posted January 11th

Senior Marketing Manager




Senior Level


Full Time

About The Position
Be our marketing leader, help build the voice of Sustainable Agave and establish our presence globally to make us a leader in the replacement of single use plastics.
Help build Sustainable Agave’s overall Marketing and Communication strategy, including oversight of all  touch-points, and development of B2C strategies to communicate the Sustainable Agave Company brand story and beliefs, as established in our brand guidelines and communication strategy.  

• Develop and  coordinate all owned and earned digital assets and strategies (social media, targeted digital advertising, website engagement &
online sales).
• Build on current retail strategy and chain store relationships
• Develop and manage communication strategy around Sustainability initiatives 
• Development of marketing budgets and calendars 
• Development, budgeting and implementation of content creation plan
• Coordinate the design, budgeting and production of all Point of Sale
• Manage the marketing component of all sales agency and distributor relationships as well as all sales-force marketing

Must have a strong knowledge base in digital marketing. 

Must have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a love for building brands and a passion for developing environmentally sustainable solutions.