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Posted May 3rd

Summer Venture Fellow Internship (Part Time)

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Posted May 3rd

Summer Venture Fellow Internship (Part Time)





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About The Position

About The Position

At Springdale Ventures you will get the chance for in-depth, hands-on experience at an emerging, early-stage venture capital firm. Build knowledge and social capital as well as begin to cultivate a network of supportive peers and mentors.

Title: Venture Fellowship

Location: Remote
Start Date:  Summer 2022
Prospective Brand Deck:

Join Springdale Ventures as a Venture Fellow
Are you interested in the fast-growing world of consumer brands and early-stage venture capital? Are you ready for some hands-on experience? Do you crave the opportunity to learn from fund managers and scrappy entrepreneurs who are out to change the world? Do you want to learn more about early-stage investing, consumer brands and entrepreneurship?

About Springdale Ventures
We partner with visionary founders to accelerate the growth of transformative consumer brands. 

We believe in:
Cultivating mutuality in all relationships
Maintaining transparency with our stakeholders
Empowering founders, partners, and staff
Driving success through collaboration

About Springdale Ventures Fellow Program

At Springdale Ventures you will get the chance for in-depth, hands-on experience at an emerging, early-stage venture capital firm. Build knowledge and social capital as well as begin to cultivate a network of supportive peers and mentors. 
Venture Fellows will be integral in the process of managing deal flow, sourcing, evaluating companies and markets. Fellows will lead inbound company screenings and participate in meetings, play a key role in the due diligence processes, and provide helpful, kind feedback to startups.
●        Deal screening: call and/or meet with prospects, evaluate opportunities
○         Help lead the deal intake process
■        Managing cold incoming deals
■        Sourcing new deals
○         Take multiple calls a week from founders of early stage brands
○         Documentation: summarize call notes, enter deals into Deal Memo and CRM
○         Present new deals to the GP at weekly meetings
●        Perform Due Diligence
○         Help preparing internal investment memos
○         Analyze market opportunity: Prepare reports on market sizes, opportunities etc.
○         Gather information from the target company and industry
○         Research and talk to existing references and customers of the target company
○         Research potential competitors to the target company
○         Research and talk with subject matter experts to evaluate the target company’s product and opportunity
○         Conduct background checks on the current management of the target company
○         Perform valuation analysis via modeling
○         Analyze financials: Margins, projections, assumptions
●        Perform market research to help identify new investment trends and opportunities
○         Analyze Markets: Prepare reports on market sizes, opportunities etc.
○         Network with peers in other Venture Capital Firms
●        Other
○         Coach startups on fellow’s areas of expertise and connect them to appropriate subject matter experts 
○         Support the development and implementation of processes for Springdale Ventures
○         Help us refine our processes and build robust systems for tracking portfolio company performance and industry trends
○         Help us build our brand via comprehensive marketing strategy that you can help co-develop 
●        HOW
○         Be a stellar representative for our brand by:
■        Coming with the attitude of a learner and not a knower
■        Exhibit empathy and humility at all times
■        Recognize that this is a learning experience and do not present yourself as an expert (unless you really happen to be a subject matter expert!)


We are looking for Venture Fellows with a passion for new ideas and supporting creative minds. Potential candidates should be:
●        Starting the second year of an MBA program (or prepped to graduate within the year or have relevant experience) 
●        Enrolled in a Major relevant to the CPG startup ecosystem and Venture Capital Investing
●        Deeply interested in startups, entrepreneurial communities, and funding/investment ecosystems 
●        Empathy toward startup founders 
●        Outstanding analytical skills, detail-oriented, proactive and self-motivated
○         Strong knowledge of Excel including advanced function
○         Proficient with Google for Work suite of tools (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Gmail, etc) 
●        Ability to produce well designed professional looking Powerpoint presentations
●        Experience with cash flow modeling and investment valuation techniques
●        Strong written and verbal abilities 
●        Self motivated and a strong work ethic 
●        Enjoys building relationships and networking
●        Committed to 8-12 hours of work per week with Springdale Ventures

Candidates should be able to show the following:
Relevant education; course(s) that prepare for the Springdale Ventures’ Venture Fellow Program 
●        Relevant activity: extracurricular venture clubs, startup experience, internships, etc. 
●        Commitment to entrepreneurship and early-stage investing, with a thorough understanding of the startup ecosystem 
●        Aptitude for synthesizing ambiguity and abstract ideas, a problem-solving mindset and passion for reducing gaps in knowledge, and the ability to identify solutions 
●        Curiosity: must desire to seek out new knowledge and information and enjoy continued learning and growing 

The Ideal Candidate
Fellows come from all walks of life and different stages of careers. We look for Fellows who are:
●        Curious. You research venture capital, startups, and innovation on your own.
●        Proactive. You reach out first. Follow up until the opportunity arises. Make your own way.
●        Leaders. You take initiative to drive improvement. Hold yourself to the highest standards.
●        Communicative. You’re clear, succinct and empathetic. Prompt on email. Excellent time management.
●        Self-reliant. You set and hit deadlines. Go above and beyond. Know how to learn new skills.

●        Learn the ins and outs of Venture Capital first hand
●        Build your knowledge base & practice the skills on live deals and access to our team of veteran entrepreneurs/investors
●        Put VC on your resume
●        VC opportunities are scarce, get a leg up in your career development, foot in the door for industry
●        Transition Your Career to Venture Capital
●        High value references and guidance to support your career next steps
●        Amplified Professional Development
●        Real work experience and skill building with meaningful, impactful stories to tell in your next job interview
●        Access to Diligence Materials & Data
●        Peak behind the curtain into VC evaluations, decision making, Investment Committee and company calls, etc.
●        Our Network is Your Network
●        National peer network of consumer brand leaders and rising stars of consumer entrepreneurship. Build your own network while helping the fund and get to know who we know.

 How to Apply:
Please send resume, cover letter and answers to below questions to: 
○         What kind of experience do you have with startups or venture capital? 
○         Why do you want to work with startups or in venture capital? 
○         Why do you want to work with a consumer brands focused firm?
○         What is your favorite consumer startup and why? 
○         Do you have a current weekend project? What is it?
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