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Posted May 11th

Senior Manager Sales Force Solutions Performance & Support

Dallas, Texas

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Posted May 11th

Senior Manager Sales Force Solutions Performance & Support

Dallas, Texas


The Senior IT Manager Salesforce CRM Solutions Performance & Support is responsible for the technical work in the software development, product release, and infrastructure space. The work focuses on solving business problems through technology, evaluates technologies, best practices and implements changes to streamline operations. This role requires strong business acumen and strong leadership competencies based on the level of the leadership role.

Specialized Skills and Technologies

  • Salesforce service, Sales, Marketing, Consumer Good Cloud
  • Einstein Analytics, Lightning/Lightning Web Components, Visual Force, APEX, Java, Process Builder
  • certified developer I and developer II
  • Experience in SOQL
  • Experience in developing API/Web Services, REST and SOAP, Java Script, test automation, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Experience in working with Agile/Scrum

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provides leadership, direction, and performance of technical teams to ensure the delivery of IT services
  • Engages technical and business teams to ensure the team direction, priority and focus enable corporate success
  • Delivers proactive, business focused IT services that enable rapid business growth and smooth business operations
  • Coordinates priorities between the IT department and user departments.
  • Continues to seek out opportunities to increase internal client satisfaction and deepen client relationships.
  • Focuses on technical issues, including software development, product releases, and engineering tasks
  • Support hiring and training staff
  • Collaborate with colleagues to identify and repair technical issues
  • Create service goals for IT teams ensuring current applications are updated and align with the implementation of new applications
  • Analyze end users' needs; and select applications to meet those needs
  • Develop troubleshooting programs and supervising system modifications.
  • Support risk mitigation processes and support security audits to determine weaknesses in application
  • Create reports or articles for publication in industry publications and make presentations on new technologies

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree and formal education in relevant disciplines (Business, Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Science, Mathematics, or other relevant degree)
  • 7+ years related experience in technology management, customer relationship management and staff management
  • Possess a strong work ethic and high level of professionalism with the ability to work in a fast-pacedenvironment
  • Able to effectively work independently and in a team environment, with staff at all levels, to achieve business goals
  • Proven track record of managing impediments that exceed the self-organizing capabilities of SGWS’ teams
  • Demonstrates ability to recognize healthy team conflicts and promotes constructive disagreement 
  • Showcases abilities to be disruptive enough to enforce a change within the organization 
  • Understands the power of a self-organization and how to encourage it 
  • Ability to foster a team environment with Agile delivery values

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree
  • Project Management (PMI) or Agile Certification
  • Competent with SAFE, Scrumban, XP, Kanban, Lean, and other Agile frameworks
  • Experience in food and beverage, CPG or distribution industry

Agile Delivery Values

  • Openness – Team and stakeholders agree to be open about all work and challenges 
  • Commitment – Personally commit to achieving the goals of the team 
  • Respect – Respect your team members to be capable and independent 
  • Courage – You have courage to do the right thing and work on tough problems 
  • Focus – Everyone focus on the work in the sprint and the goal of the scrum team.  Rise and fall as a team

Physical Demands

  • Physical demands include a considerable amount of time sitting and typing/keyboarding, using a computer (e.g., keyboard, mouse, and monitor), or mobile device
  • Physical demands with activity or condition may occasionally include walking, bending, reaching, standing, squatting, and stooping
  • May require occasional lifting/lowering, pushing, carrying, or pulling up to 20lbs
Dallas, Texas