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Posted August 19th

Night Warehouse Assistant Manager

Syosset, New York

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Posted August 19th

Night Warehouse Assistant Manager

Syosset, New York

What You Need To Know


The Warehouse Assistant Manager is responsible for all aspects of warehouse functions providing supervisory support in the day-to-day management of SGWS operation, facility and staff. This includes total inventory from delivery, storage and transfers out and may include preparing of product for customer orders, customer pick-ups at our location while maintaining the warehouse in a safe and organized area.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Maintain an organized, well-kept and safe warehouse
  • Enhance our inventory processes and accuracy; correctly filling customer, orders, and requests for merchandise while expediting product movement
  • Provide friendly and efficient service during merchandise pickups
  • Maintain efficient storage and flow of materials while maintaining control of inventory assets
  • Support our service plan ensuring all receiving, storage, order fulfillment, inventory control, logistics, and assembly functions meet company, financial and customer service goals
  • Provide training for staff on safe loading and unloading methods and ensure adherence to all safety and accident procedures
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Syosset, New York