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Posted December 1st


Union City, California

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Posted December 1st


Union City, California

What You Need To Know


The Intern works in one area of our business or a variety of teams including but not limited to: Merchandising, Sales, Marketing, Special Events, and Warehouse & Delivery to gain knowledge and understanding of the alcohol distribution industry. The structured internship opportunity is designed to give students exposure to the wine and spirits industry and broad experience in various aspects of the relationship between marketing, sales, and distribution.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with a variety of teams to become familiar in all aspects of the Sales Divisions
  • Support the Sales departments which include, but are not limited to Category Management, Distribution Warehouse Sales (DWS), Point of Sales (POS), Chain Merchandising Divisions and Graphics
  • Participate in training, on-site meetings, and department-wide learning opportunities as available
  • Participate in the setup, working off and tear down of any special events, tastings, or functions as directed by the Supervisor
  • Assist with our On-Premise Surveys
  • Support the team with additional projects as assigned and defined by student's specific learning goals
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Union City, California