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Posted September 18th

Director, Trade Development Merchandising - Beam

Dallas, Texas

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Posted September 18th

Director, Trade Development Merchandising - Beam

Dallas, Texas

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Responsible for ensuring high-quality execution of Beam merchandising initiatives nationally, engaging both Beam and SGWS stakeholders to deliver programs and their corresponding assets with maximum impact.  Responsible for program coordination (e.g., POS aligned to brand campaigns), operational execution (e.g., tracking and managing POS inventory), and performance reporting.  Scope to include national and general market accounts in open markets as well as control markets.  Key stakeholders include Beam brand marketing and sales, SGWS Beam COE, SGWS trade development, sales and operations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop industry-leading perspective on merchandising practices that enhance the consumer’s path to purchase and jointly develop strategies with Beam to design programs to achieve these
  • Engage Beam commercial marketing teams to understand planned merchandising programs and corresponding assets (e.g., racks, signs, bins, signage, specialty items)
  • Ensure effective joint POS-buying including the development of catalogs between Beam and SGWS teams in each region
  • Coordinate with Beam regional marketing leads as well as NAC-Off marketing leads to communicate POS ordering windows, communicate POS arrival windows and POS execution standards
  • Ensure programs and assets are disseminated to SGWS trade development teams in conjunction with communications in Beam’s organization (e.g., publication of POS catalog)
  • Develop expertise on legal compliance standards for POS execution across SGWS markets, and provide compliance feedback to Beam Marketing
  • Maintain an up-to-date master list of merchandisable universes by market (e.g., mass v low-traffic merchandisable accounts)
  • Develop training programs for local merchandising and sales teams to support best-in-class merchandising execution Partner with Beam to solve local market complexities between national accounts and general market point of sale 
  • Work with Beam to develop programs to reduce waste and track the cost savings impact for Beam and SGWS; develop incentive programs to reward efficient use of POS at the market level
  • Coordinate the onboarding of Beam onto SGWS’s new Centralized POS Inventory Management system, including managing ad-hoc inventory tracking, providing transparency into POS availability, and implementation of Beam POS unique identifiers into the SGWS tracking system
  • Drive reduction in Beam POS inventory and required space in SGWS warehouses

  • Propose and influence merchandiser incentives to support execution
  • Diagnose root causes and create programs to address execution underperformance in specific markets
  • Collaborate with regions and Commercial Planning on execution validation
  • Track and manage waste reduction programs
  • Organize methods to validate the execution of POS across markets (e.g. photo validation in Southern Execution Tracker, Proof 360)
  • Develop monthly merchandising effectiveness scorecard for Beam and SGWS leadership including quality of execution at retail, inventory in SGWS warehouses, and shipment status



    Dallas, Texas