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Posted October 13th

Southern California Market Manager


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Posted October 13th

Southern California Market Manager

, CA






Full Time

About The Position
Honesty. Integrity. Passion. Hustle. As we expand deeper into the Southern California market, we're looking for incredible supplier talent passionate about building the next iconic tequila brand.
We are looking forward to meeting you!  We believe that we've been lucky enough to be a part of a brand and company based on these 4 pillars, and are thrilled to find the next member of the team in Southern California.  LALO is an ultra premium, Mexican-owned, Blanco only, verified additive free, traditionally produced (no diffuser/short cuts), three-ingredient only (Highland Agave, deep well water, champagne yeast) tequila brand that has recently launched in the California market.  We are proudly represented by RNDC - CA.   "Fast Paced" would be an understatement, but we thrive in a family culture forward, supportive, entrepreneurial team environment.  We are building a brand the old fashioned way - showing up, face to face, telling the story, tasting the product, earning our partnerships.  And when the placement is made, the real work begins.  

Our Team of California Market Managers will be tasked with building exponentially upon a solid foundation of accounts in the Los Angeles, Westside, Beaches, and also in Orange County/San Diego.  Solid understanding of the Southern California Markets, presentation skills, account management skills, strategic management of all channels (On, Off, Hotel/Resort, Events), and an ability to work closely with the RNDC California team at all levels, fall under the skills necessary to succeed in this position.  Most importantly, a strong desire to be out in the field every day, being that welcoming, integral, sometimes first - always lasting impression of the brand.  
, CA
Function Details
  • Reports To Vice President of Sales