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Posted April 14th

Bourbon Evangelist: South Florida

Miami, FL

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Posted April 14th

Bourbon Evangelist: South Florida

Miami, FL






Full Time

About The Position
The mission of Garrison Brothers is to create, build and sustain a profitable, family-owned and operated whiskey distillery that makes the best tasting bourbon whiskey in America, and in turn, supports and nourishes our families, the families of those who work with us, our business partners, and the community in which we operate. 

  • We value God, family, friends and our country, foremost, but we always welcome strangers.  
  • We value and respect our leaders, our elders and each generation that has come before us.
  • We value our children and the children of others and we strive to always assure their well-being. We will take whatever steps necessary to ensure their safety.
  • We value hard work, integrity, and honesty, and the independence, health and well-being that result from each.
  • We value the land and that which it produces; and we work to preserve, conserve and respect the natural resources that make our business worth pursuing and our lives worth living.
  • We value the peace, quiet and tranquility that are increasingly difficult to find in the modern world.  We like our privacy and our independence.
  • We value good health, personal accountability, and moderation of ourselves, our families, our employees, and our friends.
We take this values statement seriously and we strive to assure that anyone who joins our company -- and thus our family -- shares these values. Prior to interviewing for this position, please assure that these values reflect your own. If they don’t, this may not be the best place for you. 

Job Description: A successful Bourbon Evangelist will be a true sales professional. A comprehensive understanding of the brand and the category is expected as is the desire to continually study the industry and skills required to excel in the role. A Bourbon Evangelist is expected to be a brand builder, account manager, sales motivator, relationship builder, educator and public speaker. 

The position reports to the Eastern Region Sales Director. 

Desired Skills: Exceptional time management skills. Experience in field sales with the ability to develop professional relationships, including setting expectations, mutual accountability and follow up. Familiarity/comfort with CRM software. 

Beneficial Skills: Public speaking. A passion or the industry and a desire to develop a career. 

Desired Background: Minimum of four years of field sales experience in the Food and Beverage industry. Prior work experience in the Spirits industry is a plus. 

Office, Travel and  Lifting Requirements: This is a home office position which typically requires three to four days per week of travel within a designated geographic area of responsibility. 

Frequent lifting of 20-40 pounds is expected. Reliable transportation. 

Miami, FL
Function Details
  • Reports To Eastern Region Sales Director