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Posted October 29th

Craft Beer Sales Rep - DFW Area

Irving, TX

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Posted October 29th

Craft Beer Sales Rep - DFW Area

Irving, TX






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About The Position
Flood Independent Distribution is a craft beer distributor servicing the major metropolitan areas of Texas. Touting the best line-up of craft brews from our backyard and all over the world, Flood has been providing each market with the most sought after beers, ciders and meads since 2013. 

As Flood Distribution’s front line, the sales team drives business by offering our top notch portfolio to businesses across Texas. They boast a great knowledge of both the in-house products, the greater craft beer industry, as well as the ability to effectively work with a wide range of personalities.  

The sales role must perform the list duties and have these abilities

  • Accounts require a wealth of information that varies from business to business. Sales representatives are responsible for providing the following assistance to those accounts.
  • Provide information on our portfolio and advise them on the best brands for their business and customers. This includes information on trending products, new products, details on our mainstays, product availability and profitability. 
  • Visiting accounts in person on a regular basis is required.
  • Various standard operating procedures must be learned and follow closely based on each account's requirements.
  • Sales team members work primarily in Encompass. This requires high comfortability using portable devices and an ability to quickly learn new programs. 
  • All sales orders must be entered through encompass 
  • The ability to run and analyze various reports is crucial
  • During these visits the sales team member must adequately merchandise and check back stop before leaving the premises. 
  • New accounts must be consistently sought after and opened. 
  • The sales team is responsible for properly distributing allocated limited quantities and ordering them in a timely manner. 
  • Sales team members must be available for weekly sales meetings. 
  • The ability to stay highly organized, prompt, and follow through with commitments made to accounts is a must. 
  • Sales team members must be in the loop regarding the current climate of the craft beer industry and stay up to date with latest trends locally and nationally. 
  • This role requires the ability to think critically, absorb information quickly and make smart on the fly decisions.
  • 21+ years old
  • Valid driver's license and a clean driving record
  • Proficient with handheld electronics and mobile devices
  • Experience in beer sales a plus
  • Experience using Excel and Google Sheets
  • Experience using Encompass a plus
  • A good attitude and self-motivation
This job offers:
  • Premium health benefits
  • Competitive wage
  • Opportunities to move up in a growing company
To apply for this position please email your resume to

Irving, TX
Function Details
  • Reports To General Manager