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Posted July 6th

Data Entry/File Clerk 2pm-10pm

New York, New York

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Posted July 6th

Data Entry/File Clerk 2pm-10pm

New York, New York






Full Time


This position consists of clerical work, which involves moderately complex work methods, problem solving skills, telephone skills, skilled typing and accounts receivables applications skills.

Hours: 2:00pm- 10:00pm


Supports the growth and success of the company by:

Answering Incoming phone traffic; (using approved scripting)

Candidate must politely answer incoming telephone calls from:
  • Customers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Management.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all company records, data, and customer information.
  • Demonstrate skill in handling company telephone system within 30 days of date of hire.
  • Be able to answer and respond to calls promptly, based upon corporate requirements and within a reasonable period of time.

Acknowledge and successfully respond to customer delivery issues, by recording pertinent information into each customer activity log on each account for:
  • Type of situation.
  • Action needed and/or taken to resolve problem.
  • Pending follow-up date (if any).
  • Perform daily follow-up of prior entries on customer accounts.

Review customer account records to:
  • Release pending orders (COD)
  • Record customer disputes and follow-up to conclusion.
  • Provide customers with copies of records as needed.
  • Answer customer, sales/management correspondence as needed.

Insures company progress with our key accounts by:
  • Notifying key customer accounts (KCA) of potential past due balance information.
  • Applying KCA payment as directed.
  • Conducting telephone, mail, and/or internet correspondence with the KCA or its designate employee to promptly recover payment due Empire Merchants.
  • Liaison with the credit management team and assigned members of the sales teams in reconciling all problem issues for customers in the KCA portion of our customer portfolio.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of all KCA and Empire Merchants records.
  • Providing and resolving all customer service/Accounts receivable issues (providing a one stop shop for KCA)

Supports the recovery of monies due Empire Merchants by:
  • Corresponding with customer accounts by sending letters appropriate to the situation from our approved correspondence files.
  • Making outbound collection recovery calls to past due and potential past due customer accounts.
  • Engage in customer account review with the Credit Manager when and as directed by him/her.
  • Prepare write off items and submit to the Credit Manager for review and action.
  • Action the report of customer returned checks as directed by the Credit Manager with both the customer account, and by filing the appropriate notice with the NYSLA.
  • Maintaining daily spreadsheet records and posting payments to the JDE records for customer accounts, of payments made by customers and/or sales representatives at our UPS Store account locations.
  • Maintaining daily spreadsheet files and posting payments to the JDE records for customer accounts of all interoffice payments made.
  • Opening, sorting, and distributing daily incoming mail drops from all sources. Prepare Batches for dissemination.
  • Prepare AR payment batches for applications.
  • Accurately apply payments to customer's accounts at their direction.
  • Contacts customer accounts to secure missing/additional information required to complete payment application.
  • Performs day end account receivable reconciliation and submits to Accounting Dept. for their recognition. Also follows up with required corrections at the direction of the Accounting Manager.
  • Prepares and files default and/or payment reports with the NYSLA at the direction of the Credit Managers.
  • Mails appropriate notifications of above to customer accounts.

Performs general clerical duties at the direction of management by:
  • Filing of records and retention of same at the direction of the credit manager(s).
  • Researching and retrieving information needed for account reconciliation.
  • Fax retrieval and distribution to appropriate associates.

Maintain customer confidence and protect operations by keeping information confidential

Maintains organization's stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements

Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules and regulations

Promotes healthy work environment by coordinating and cooperating with federal, state and local agencies

Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed
New York, New York