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Posted June 26th

R&D Manager

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Posted June 26th

R&D Manager






Full Time

About The Position
The R&D Manager will conduct research to develop new programs, protocols, and products for the company. You’ll lead the planning efforts, implement new programs, and oversee every step of the development process from start to finish. Ideal candidates will be able to identify new niches and opportunities for future company initiatives.

● Act as single point of ownership for new product initiatives and oversee entire new product development process, from idea generation through the planning phase to production and post-commercialization monitoring
● Oversee the development of new programs, from conception to implementation
● Track and record all relevant costs of product development or program implementation
● Monitor and track every step of the development process, decide on appropriate adjustments as necessary, and clearly communicate revised expectations, protocols, or goals to relevant stakeholders
● Serve as gatekeeper in “Stage Gate” development process and manage approval of requirement changes
● Ensure that all new programs and product development initiatives are cost-effective and improve cost-effectiveness of existing programs
● Work closely with Supply Chain, Marketing, and Sales team to develop execution materials
● Engage in continuous professional education on new developments and trends in the wider R&D field to ensure company’s competitive edge
● Employ a creative approach to idea generation and product development

● BA/BS in Food Science or related; MBA or marketing experience preferred
● Demonstrable knowledge of key business and management principles, including strategic planning, effective leadership tactics, resource allocation,
● In-depth understanding of all aspects of production process, including quality control, raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, and budget projection
● Extensive knowledge of marketing strategies and product promotions, such as product demonstrations and sales techniques
● Strong written and verbal communication skills
● Ability to see the big picture and follow through on specific vision from the beginning to the endpoint of a project