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Posted September 21st

National Brand and Sales Manager


The company chose to remain anonymous

Posted September 21st

National Brand and Sales Manager





Senior Level


Full Time

About The Position
An exciting opportunity to lead and build a great team of ambassadors while working with our national import partner to continue formulating our leadership position in the independent craft Tequila space
We are looking for an ambitious leader to help activate our commercial and sales strategy in the US market.   This job will include managing our in-market team to ensure that the brand’s sales, marketing and activation strategies are being implemented.  This role will include coordinating with our marketing team in both directions.  The individual will also be working with our national import partner to ensure success across our entire three tier infrastructure.  

Role Description
  • Management of our Ambassador team.
  • Assistance with the preparation of individual territory strategies, to drive strong depletions, rate of sale and achieve established KPIs.
  • Reviewing each Ambassador’s biweekly plan and providing feedback in coordination with our National Importer team, division manager/s and Trade Marketing and National Brand Ambassador.
  • Work with our importer and distribution partners according to their policies.
  • Assistance with the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the global marketing activity calendar and budgets with the Ambassador team's initiatives.
  • Weekly calls and quarterly visits to each market to work with the Ambassadors to ensure their plans and execution are in line with the annual territory strategy, and assist suggesting changes to this strategy when required.
  • Work with the head office to prepare our annual sales and distribution plan.
  • Geographic planning 
  • Marketing Budget allocation
  • Product allocation 
  • Coordinate with our national importer to establish and implement the annual sales, marketing and activity plans
  • Assist the CMO to plan and implement the annual marketing plan to assure harmonization with distribution strategy.
  • Assist the CMO and the National Trade Marketing/Brand Development Manager prepare a annual activity plan based as part of the Annual Marketing Plan
  • Work with our national importer to coordinate our national pricing and inventory strategies
  • Work with our national importer to manage our national retail strategy
  • Work with our production team to manage PO and inventory processes with our national importer
  • Monitoring sales data through VIP to insure KPIs are being met on a national basis

Key Performance Indicators

  • National importer depletion targets
  • Successful implementation of sales, distribution and activity calendar
  • Team Management 
  • Global Revenue growth
  • Rate of Sale 
  • National Importer and distributor engagement (ride along metric)