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Posted May 15th

Midwest Region Manager

Chicago, IL

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Infuse Spirits


Production and Manufacturing, Manufacturer, and Supplier

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Posted May 15th

Midwest Region Manager

Chicago, IL






$75k - $125k


Full Time

About The Position
Infuse Spirits, in the Top 6% of all Craft Spirits is experiencing tremendous growth, and is in search of an "A Player" for the role of Midwest Region Manager covering the states of IL, MN, WI, IN, KY and MO. Do you have the Right Stuff?
Regional Sales Manager should be based in Chicago preferably. 

The RSM is responsible for achieving the Company’s sales efforts in the IL, MN, WI, IN, KY & MO.
  • Managing activities to achieve company objectives. 
  • Has direct Distributor responsibility to: 
    • Motivate and educate the distributor sales staff with regards to the Company’s products and    programs. 
    • Work with the distributors’ sales staff to generate incremental sales and distribution. 
    • Motivate and educate the selling organization with regards to the company’s products and programs.
  • Communicate within the region the Company’s objectives and priorities, ensuring that the distributor’s efforts are consistent with the Company’s goals and priorities 
  • Gain the ability to influence key off and on-premise accounts in the area to sell and promote the Company’s products 
  •  Monitoring the Company’s expenditures to ensure that spending is within assigned budgets. 
Essential Duties and Responsibilities include but not limited to the following:
To ensure the continued sales and profit growth of Infuse Spirits:
  • Professionally present the Company with the retailers in the market to achieve appropriate distribution levels, shelf space, and feature and display activity.
  • Achieve appropriate levels of distribution and promotion across all channels of trade within their region; On premise menu and feature placements, promotions & off premise distribution, advantage shelf position, ads and promotional displays.
  • Manage, educate and motivate the distributor organizations.
  • Ensure that the distributors carry sufficient stock to properly service the market and avoid out-of-stocks, and that orders are placed with sufficient lead-times.
  • Ensure Senior Mgmt. team and Ownership have a concise and clear understanding of key objectives and targets for their individual selling regions, relative to Chain, off and on premise business.
  • Participate when necessary in trade events (retail and/or consumer) such as tasting events, shows, spirit dinners and management visits. 
  • Participate in “Crew Drives” in markets outside the primary area, as needed.
  • Ensure that promotional material and Point-of-Sale material are used effectively.
  • Ensure that all Company expenditures are within budget.
  • Ensure that all activities are conducted within the State and Federal laws and guidelines.
  • Provide management with market intelligence (competitive, distributor and trade activity and etc.)
  • Achieve competency in company tools and software (VIP)
  • Provide the following reports within the stated times:
    • Quarterly Marketing Reports
    • Quarterly Distributor Business reviews 
    • Local market information as requested by Company management (on request)
Qualifications (work experience, preferred skills and education):
  • 5+ years of experience in regional adult beverage sales representation and college degree preferred 
 Core Competencies:
  • Business awareness: a knowledge and understanding of the business at the industry, distributor and customer level 
  •  Communication skills: the ability to transfer an understanding to others accurately and effectively as well as understanding others accurately. 
  • Implementation skills: the ability to implement strategies and tactical plans and then manage the subsequent completion of projects 
  • Customer Focus: Incorporating key customer needs in the development and implementation of business objectives 
  • Negotiation Skills: the interpersonal skills used to arrive at win: win outcomes in all business dealings with key business partners, customers and colleagues. 
  • Team membership: the ability to work w/ others to achieve a mutually beneficial goal. Create a positive environment, which encourages colleagues to recognize their strengths & weaknesses, improve on their development areas & leverage their individual strengths. 
  • Leadership: the ability to lead others to achieve a common goal with positive business results 
  • Innovation: generates valuable ideas and uses these ideas to develop new or improved processes, methods, products, or services; constantly looks for incremental improvements in work processes and results. 
  •  Personal responsibility: Demonstrates a sense of ownership and self-motivation in achieving business and personal development objectives. 
  •  Decision making/judgment: makes decisions, renders judgments, takes actions of made commitments, after considering the available courses of action. 
  • Manage Finance: identify, agree and monitor financial resources needed to support market plans and act to address issues and improve costs. 
  • Distributor & Trade Management: Effectively manages assign territory through and with the Distributor partners, maximizing overall portfolio participation with the trading customers. Utilizing an approach that includes; planning, organizing key activities, regularly measures market results and implements corrective action. 
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Chicago, IL
Function Details
  • Reports To Vice President of Sales
  • Direct Reports 7