What makes one job candidate stand out from the other? What qualities do successful job candidates share?

One HR leader, who hired thousands of people over the course of her career and shared her insights with Forbes, noticed some striking similarities about the candidates who left an impression on her after their job interview.

Read on to explore some things successful job candidates do that leave a lasting impression on the hiring managers who interview them.

1. They Research
Candidates should know to do their homework before an interview. Some successful candidates spend up to two or three hours researching an employer — and it shows.

2. They Know Their Talent
It’s often been said that you should look for a ‘need’ to fill rather than a ‘job’ to fill. In other words, successful candidates recognize how their talent can fulfill a business objective and add value to the company. And most importantly, they can speak to it.

3. They Ask Meaningful Questions
Anyone can Google search, ‘best interview questions to ask.’ But guess what? Those boilerplate questions only go so far in impressing a hiring manager. Instead, successful applicants ask the questions they’re genuinely interested in learning more about.

4. They’re Consistent Throughout the Process
Some applicants can have an impressive first interview, followed by a less than impressionable second interview. Why? Because they forget everything they learned and discussed in that initial meeting. Be mindful and take notes afterward so that you have more than enough to revisit during your second conversation.

5. They Get Into the Right Frame of Mind
Applying for any job is the equivalent of solving a business problem. Successful candidates will come prepared with some ideas of how they can help their potential new boss. In other words, they’re already in the mindset of what it would be like to be in the role.

6. They’re Responsive
Outstanding applicants follow up to every call or email throughout the hiring process. They’re courteous and they communicate effectively.

7. They Send ‘Thank You’ Notes
Equally important as being responsive is making sure to follow up with ‘thank you’ notes. This demonstrates your continued interest and keeps you at the top of the hiring manager’s mind.

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