Start It Sunday is ForceBrands’ initiative designed to raise awareness around the ‘Sunday scaries’ (the anxiety that affects 76 percent of Americans that is caused by the impending return to work). The motivational campaign empowers people to fear no Sunday and take on every Monday.

We checked in with Punit Seth, the CEO and Co-Founder of Toast — an exclusive, luxury cannabis brand with high quality products designed to encourage its consumers to celebrate life and create sensational moments — to learn how he likes to Start It Sunday.

Read on to discover his secret to achieving his life goals, what he thinks about work-life balance, and more.

ForceBrands: What do your Sunday routines look like?
Punit Seth: Sunday is just like any other day of the week for me where I work to achieve my life goals. That’s actually my secret. Depending on what’s going on at that time, Sundays are dynamic and are very different week to week. On one Sunday, I might be touring the world on a vacation and on another Sunday, I may be in a three-hour board meeting. Regardless, I’m always connected to my friends, family, and career, which eliminates any anxiety I may have. You can read more on that below.

FB: How do you approach the start of each work week?
PS: I find that the workweek has been disrupted given different operating models and the principles of the “on-demand economy.” Some might find that statement as the end to work-life balance but I actually see it as the contrary. I find the workweek to no longer be linear and is instead fluid, providing an increased flexibility that lets me maximize my work-life balance.

I start and stop work numerous times throughout the week. I ensure I have clear life goals and the rest are personal or career activities aimed at fulfilling those goals. Of course, sometimes things get out of whack, but when I see that beginning to happen, I put actions in place to course correct. With that perspective, time and schedules matter less. Given there is meaning and purpose in every action I take, it eliminates the anxiety I used to feel earlier in my career. Everything is now on my terms and this was true even before startup life when I worked in finance. I found that if I stuck to the life goals I had set for myself, the boundaries and the balance get created automatically.

FB: What are some tips for motivating on Monday?
PS: Focus on having life goals versus disparate career goals. For me, those life goals almost always 100 percent lead to personal choices and the career adjusts around that. Whether it is Motivation Monday or Motivation Wednesday, I value living a healthy lifestyle (currently working on course correcting!) while enjoying experiences with family and friends. Now that I hear myself say that, it sounds like I aspire to have as many Toast moments as possible (shameless plug).

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