Ben Witte never set out to launch a beverage company although now, as CEO and Founder of Recess, he has big ambitions to disrupt the space with his cannabis-infused sparkling water.

Ben WitteIntroduced in October, newcomer Recess aspires to be an all-new consumer lifestyle brand creating products to help people feel more balanced in an increasingly stressful world, giving them the opportunity to be their most productive, creative, and fulfilled selves. 

“I started Recess to solve my own problem,” Witte told ForceBrands. “My entire life I’ve been a bit wired, anxious, and stressed. I began to experiment with CBD (hemp extract) and adaptogens last year to see if it could help me calm down and focus. When I began using them regularly, I felt more balanced and, as a result, more productive, creative, and happier.”

Read on to discover how this young entrepreneur spends his Sundays and his advice for motivating on Monday. Follow us next week as we release our full interview with Witte and the story behind Recess.

Q: What does your Sunday routine look like? How do you prepare for the week ahead?
Ben Witte: I wake up when I wake up. I like to make a big brunch at home so I walk to the farmers market at Tompkins Square Park to buy ingredients, stop at my favorite café Abraco, get home, and cook a big meal. I like to read on Sunday afternoons then have an early dinner with a friend. I typically spend Sunday night planning for the week ahead.

Q: How do you approach the start of each work week?
BW: I like to have check-in meetings with everyone on my team at the start of each week to discuss the priorities for the week ahead.

Q: What are some tips for motivating on Monday?
BW: My advice is to never stop searching until you find something you love to work on so that Monday feels like Saturday.

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