mood33 isn’t your average cannabis-infused beverage brand — it’s colorful and vibrant with unique flavor profiles to satisfy whatever good-mood feeling you’re looking to achieve.

Mood33 Founders“We opted to own the power of the word ‘mood’ and its connotation in our brand name and chose to offer SKU naming formats of the feelings inspired by each proprietary formulation: Joy, Passion, Calm, Peace, and Energy,” Eric Schnell, Co-Founder of BeyondBrands and mood33, said.

And when it comes to Sunday, Schnell is all about fun. We caught up with him to discover how he jumpstarts his week and how he prefers to Start It Sunday.

Q: What does your Sunday routine look like?
A: Sunday is 111 percent my fun day. Unless I am traveling for business, I always do my best to “tune in, tap in, and turn on” with my own personal/family day on Sundays. Generally, that means I am completely off email and business calls. For the past decade or so, Sundays are pretty routine. They always start with my catch-up morning to sleep in and balance out the sleep I lost over busy weeknights, where I may go 3-4 nights in a row with only 5 hours of sleep. Burning the candles at both ends with travel, three kids, running multiple businesses, and trying to just keep email in check often doesn’t leave me enough time to get the sleep I need so Sundays are definitely a makeup day. Sunday mornings are typically spent at Lifetime Fitness in NYC where I enjoy a long steam, sauna, and spa session. My wife is always on the same beat with me as she burns the candles hard during the week, too. We use this time until about noon to recuperate and rejuvenate. We try to get in a few hours of walking barefoot in nature, to ground the energy if possible. And if the weather isn’t our friend, we are usually seeing a movie to just “tune out” and binge on large buckets of popcorn (Sunday is typically our splurge day). We like to go out for Sunday dinner with either our family or just me and my wife to one of our favorite Italian restaurants in New York City. Since we are in the “cannabis beverage” business we always have a mood33 over ice (yes, instead of wine) at the table. There’s no better way to wrap up a long, hard worked week for us than that vibe taking us into bed by 10, where we normally fall asleep to a new age/spiritual documentary — we make sure we end our week in the flow.

Q: How do you approach the start of each work week?
A: ‘Game on’ starts early Monday morning for me. The kids are off to school by 7 am and then I get my meditation/yoga/steam/workout all done by 9 am so I’m fueled up and ready to bring as much energy as I can to the day and to everyone I work with. Breakfast is always the same: Sambazon açaí smoothie bowl and an organic caffeine fix of my choosing. Missing my morning ritual, especially the meditation, can definitely throw me off a bit, so I try my best to stick to this plan, no matter where I wake up.

Q: What are some tips for motivating on Monday?
Try not to party too hard on Sunday so that you can wake up feeling great on Monday. If your Sunday is truly a day off, it puts you in the best shape to bring all you can to the week feeling refreshed on Monday. Even if you don’t use meditation as a part of your daily practice, starting Monday in bed for 10 minutes simply visualizing the type of great day (and week) you want to have can really set in motion the energies and synchronicities you need to make everything just work better for you. Breathing — deep breathing, 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out — for a few minutes will also activate your body and awareness. Monday is the first day of the week so it’s important to set it off by stepping onto the best playing field for you that you can. What you believe you can conceive you will achieve!

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