Start It Sunday is ForceBrands’ new initiative designed to raise awareness around the ‘Sunday scaries’ (the anxiety that affects 76 percent of Americans that is caused by the impending return to work). The motivational campaign empowers people to fear no Sunday and take on every Monday.

We checked in with Trade’s Head of Coffee, Marcus Boni, to learn more about how he motivates on Sundays to take on the week ahead — and yes, coffee does help.

ForceBrands: What does your Sunday routine look like (ie: do you prep for the week ahead; do you relax)?
Marcus Boni: Sundays are great days to focus on you, and with each week, that might mean something a little different. As someone who has experienced the Sunday scaries, I’ve found it’s best to set out and tackle something, but try to alleviate any pressure on what exactly that needs to be. Some weeks, it means cleaning the house, or entertaining guests, or catching up on work. I’m getting comfortable with listening to myself on what that needs to be each week, and then embracing that as a goal (and maybe a distraction) for the day. It’s nice to check that one thing off the list. I’ve also committed to accomplishing a cardio exercise for 45-60 minutes well before I enjoy my first glass of wine on Sundays. I know that sounds like it should be easy, but some weeks are a real struggle.

Marcus Boni

FB: How do you approach the start of each work week?
MB: With helping to launch a business, it’s important to prioritize what’s in front of me each day/week to be responsive to what needs to get done for everyone involved to be successful. I tend to write that list out on Monday and let that guide my week, and make sure to include moments to be creative and focused.

FB: What are some tips for motivating on Monday?
MB: Start positive! It’s easy to give in to ‘the Mondays,’ but why not try putting all that effort into making a positive difference in the day of those around you?

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And tell us, what’s your Sunday routine? Join our Start It Sunday movement.