Regardless of the industry, continued learning and development is always a good idea for those looking to grow in their roles. With so many free online courses and accessible resources, professionals can more easily meet the demands of their changing roles.

LinkedIn Learning editor Paul Petrone recently published findings from LinkedIn‘s data that revealed exactly what skills hiring managers are hoping to see more of in 2019.

Here are a few of the skills — both hard and soft — that job seekers should consider sharpening to boost their chances of standing out in today’s competitive market.

1. Collaboration
Thanks to technology, companies have a wider reach than ever before, and they need employees who can effectively work as part of a large team and clearly communicate within groups (both in person and digitally). Today’s corporate world understands that success isn’t a solo endeavor — it’s a team effort.

2. UX Design
Naturally, businesses want to ensure that people have positive experiences using their products — for tech companies, that’s where UX design comes in. Whether a company is putting out an app, a device, or another digital offering, they need employees who can make their products more accessible, user-friendly, and practical.

3. Video Production
Plenty of digital media brands are prioritizing video content, and the demand is consistently increasing — today, video streaming accounts for about 70 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. Whether you’re an editing whiz or have an eye for shooting, video production skills like these are crucial for creating compelling video content.

4. Time Management
With so many distractions pulling employees away from their work, businesses want to hire people who can tune it out and stay on task. Dips in productivity cost businesses money, but hiring employees who know how to manage their time and stay focused is an investment, especially as telecommuting becomes more popular.

5. Audio Production
Podcasts give companies an opportunity to dive deep into topics that matter for their customers and connect with them on a more personal level. This is an exciting medium with lots of fresh creative opportunities, which makes audio production abilities a sought-after skill.

6. Journalism
Businesses don’t just want to advertise — they want to draw in consumers with an engaging story. The same skills that are applicable to journalists are highly transferable into the worlds of marketing, public relations, and social media strategy. After all, the ability to create a strong narrative is key to memorable branding.

7. Data Science
The demand for data science skills continues to grow. Data science encompasses a range of specific skills, and businesses will need employees who are comfortable with cloud computing, distributed processing, virtualization, and machine learning.

See the full list of hard and soft skills here.

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