When it comes to applying for jobs, there is an abundance of tips and articles advising candidates on everything from how to dress for interviews to how to ask recruiters questions. However, before you even reach that step, the initial and most important part is having a stellar résumé that gets you noticed in the first place.

Because it’s an absolutely necessary first step to getting the attention of a hiring manager, your résumé should be the last thing you overlook in a job application. And while there are numerous articles highlighting job search tips, there is no standard template when it comes to writing résumés. Various websites are flooded with often contradicting advice: “make it clean,” “make it colorful,” “add all the experiences,” “only add the last three positions,” etc. So how do you avoid getting lost in this sea of confusing tips to create and tailor your perfect résumé?

We’ve rounded up a list of websites that can help you get a professional-looking résumé, stress-free:

1. TopResume
One of the biggest companies on the market, TopResume can connect you to more than 1,000 résumé writers from more than 65 industries. It also offers three types of packages depending on your needs — you can opt to makeover just your résumé or your entire candidate profile (résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile).

2. Monster
Monster, which has over 20 years of expertise, provides its customers with the best 60-day satisfaction guarantee: you can have your résumé rewritten at no cost to you if you are not 100 percent happy with it. Similar to TopResume, it offers three packages consisting of different documents and offers shorter turnaround times.

3. LinkedIn ProFinder
LinkedIn ProFinder connects you with other professionals in the network that offer services many applicants need: interview preparation, headshot photography, and résumé editing and writing. By answering a few questions to get started, you open yourself up for proposals from résumé writers with quotes and access to their profiles. All you need to do is pick a professional to work with.

4. ZipJob
ZipJob uses the same ATS technology that most companies use to filter through résumés and job applications, which can help your résumé get through and be reviewed by a hiring manager. They also have no limit on revisions and base their résumé writing on your needs and requests — a definite plus for picky applicants.

5. LiveCareer
LiveCareer is a slightly different platform because it is actually a résumé builder. Instead of writing your entire résumé for you, this software lets you build your own résumé with creative structures, templates, and layouts. This is perfect for someone who is confident in their résumé writing skills but wants to bring it to life with new aesthetics or someone who would rather do the job themselves.

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