LinkedIn has become the driving force in connecting employers with potential employees and has exploded over the past couple of years. According to LinkedIn statistics, more than two users sign up to join the network each second. There is also an average of 100 job applications submitted monthly. LinkedIn allows recruiters to connect with members directly and vice versa; the LinkedIn InMail interactions percentage has increased 40 percent from 2015 to 2017. Nowadays, an increasing number of recruiters and hiring managers are leveraging the platform to find top talent.

We asked Jessica Viana, ForceBrands’ Beauty, Health, and Wellness Client Strategist, to elaborate on what recruiters are looking for in a LinkedIn profile. Read on to learn how to perfect your online profile to get noticed.

1. Keep it current
“Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date with your most current place of employment,” Viana says. There should also be no gaps during the transitions you made throughout your career. Most importantly, your profile should be aligned with your résumé.

2. Ask for recommendations
Viana suggests that having a few recommendations can reassure a recruiter or a hiring manager of your abilities. And it doesn’t have to be extensive — simply having your former supervisors or colleagues share positive things about you and your skill set will go a long way.

3. Feature a professional photo
This is something that almost every source talks about when it comes to improving your LinkedIn profile. It is a professional network and candidates are advised to stay away from selfies, revealing outfits, or low-quality photographs.

4. Pay attention to titles
“It’s always good to make sure that the title of your position with the company you are working for is searchable,” Viana says. Titles mean different things within different companies, and companies can often give their employees very specific titles that will be overlooked by the LinkedIn search functionality. If it is okay with your company, you can tweak your title so it matches the keyword criteria more closely.

5. Summarize your bio
Your bio should be a brief snapshot of what you do and the certain skill sets you possess. You should also focus on your objectives and potential career opportunities you might be interested in exploring. If your bio reflects that, other members will be able to search you by your skill set and also keep you in mind for future opportunities that interest you.

6. Job descriptions
If you are an entry-level candidate, it makes sense to highlight your duties at your positions with bullet points because it can showcase what you are capable of handling within an organization. Whereas, if you have years of experience, it is redundant to type out every responsibility of every job you have had. But you should definitely highlight any career accomplishments or successes that you have had in a certain position. It can also be helpful if you include a “snapshot” of the company where you worked as some people may not be aware of smaller companies and the scope of their work just by looking at the name.

7. Show, don’t tell
If your career is revenue- or numbers-driven, you should definitely include statistics or any type of KPIs as your accomplishments to showcase that you have been instrumental in achieving a return on investment.

8. Get endorsed
Endorsements show that you are excited and enthusiastic about your network on LinkedIn, and there are people who can vouch for your skill set. Viana says it can get you a stamp of approval from a recruiter, yet it is not a dealbreaker if you do not have many endorsements.

9. Make your location known
It is crucial to keep your location up-to-date but you can also highlight on your profile that you are open for relocation if that’s the case. “People might not know off the bat if you are based in New York that you are open to relocating to California,” Viana says. Once again, that can open up more current and future opportunities for you.

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