Mezcal is having a moment.

Now the fastest growing liquor category in the United States, mezcal’s global market is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2031 with North America driving this growth. Despite this surge in popularity, a true market leader has yet to emerge — most consumers would be hard-pressed to name a single mezcal brand. 

Introducing SU CASA MEZCAL from industry veteran Joey Angelo.

With its striking custom blue bottle and unique look, a memorable and easy-to-pronounce name, and an attractive price point, SU CASA MEZCAL is uniquely poised to lead a competitive market.

“It’s rare for a category as explosive as mezcal to not capture much brand recognition or brand loyalty. There’s no Tito’s or Casamigos of mezcal. Most bottles have forgettable labels with names that are difficult to pronounce,” Angelo said in a press release. “With its colorful bottle that’s easy to spot from across the bar, SU CASA is the fun, attention-grabbing mezcal that hasn’t existed until now. SU CASA is the mezcal you’ll remember the next time you’re ordering mezcal.”

With nearly twenty years of experience in the wine and spirits industry, Angelo is no stranger to the tequila and mezcal categories.

He has built a successful career as a leading executive in liquor sales, distribution, marketing, and branding and co-founded MARGS, the ready-to-drink canned margarita, which recently received a $3M+ investment from Lab Capital Advisors. He served as President/Co-Owner of VIVA XXXII Tequila, a brand he launched and positioned for exit in just under four years. During his tenure, Angelo elevated the philanthropic tequila brand to new levels while compiling tens of thousands of cases sold and placement features in the most exclusive accounts in the U.S. Previously, he was a sales executive at Empire Merchants, one of the top liquor distribution companies in the United States. In this role, he amassed and represented a spirits portfolio valued at more than $100 million in the metro New York market and was the recipient of 12 consecutive President’s awards for sales volume, visibility, and distribution of some of the world’s top spirit brands. 

Get to know SU CASA MEZCAL

A unique look and feel

SU CASA MEZCAL arrives with a bold new design that stands out from the crowd. The unmistakable custom blue bottle can’t be missed and its unique vertical label is easy to read. The bottle also features raised textured bubbles (reminiscent of the glasses at your favorite Mexican restaurant) for a truly different look and feel. 

The SU CASA taste: A mezcal for everyone

SU CASA MEZCAL offers a balanced taste profile with light smoke and an emphasis on citrus, vanilla and tropical flavors.  While some mezcals offer a heavy, overpowering smoke flavor, SU CASA’s lighter touch makes it the perfect introduction for those who are new to mezcal – as well as a versatile cocktail ingredient.  The result is a spirit that maintains the authenticity and true spirit of mezcal while also being inclusive, with a delicious flavor that everyone can enjoy.  

An attractive price point for consumers and businesses

SU CASA MEZCAL is a premium spirit without an exorbitant price tag.  Its suggested retail price of $34.99 per bottle makes it an appealing purchase option for consumers who may be new to mezcal.

In addition, SU CASA MEZCAL’s wholesale price of $24.99 offers a price strategy for bars and restaurants to maximize profits.  “Cocktail lists drive volume and profits for bars and restaurants but most premium mezcals are too expensive to include on menus.  SU CASA MEZCAL is a premium spirit priced the same as most tequilas — $0.99 an ounce – making it the ultimate profit-driver for our partners,” said Joey Angelo.  “SU CASA MEZCAL will appear on the cocktail lists of hundreds of prestigious locations in major metro areas, and we look forward to expanding our reach and driving sales for our partners.”

The recipe and history

SU CASA MEZCAL is based on a recipe that originated in the early 1940s in Mexico
when Jose Garcia began harvesting the espadin agave plant that lends mezcal its unique character and flavor.  With its unmistakable, custom blue bottle, SU CASA MEZCAL is a premium spirit hand-crafted with simple, natural ingredients to deliver the taste and essence of Mexico’s natural wonders.  To date, SU CASA MEZCAL is the only brand imported into the U.S. by the Garcia family.  Now, more than 80 years after Jose created his first batch, the makers of SU CASA MEZCAL invite you to share in this ongoing tradition, from their house to yours.

For more information, visit the brand’s website or follow it on Instagram @SuCasaMezcal

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