There have never been more job opportunities in the cannabis industry. Now that medical marijuana is legal in 30 states, with recreational use legal in 10, public support for legalization is at an all-time high. This has led to a 690 percent growth in cannabis job listings over the past two years. And as the market continues to thrive, salaries and benefits packages are becoming more generous, too.

Cannabis brands are definitely hiring — here are the major roles they’re looking to fill.

1. Director of Extraction
The Director of Extraction is responsible for overseeing oil and concentrate production. They manage day-to-day operations in the laboratory and enforce staff protocol. To be considered for this position, applicants generally need to have a background in pharmaceuticals or hold a PhD in chemistry.

2. Director of Cultivation
Also known as the master grower, the Director of Cultivation typically has a background in agriculture or horticulture, and ideally, has prior experience managing a greenhouse. They are in charge of planting, feeding, and watering healthy crops. They also work with law enforcement to meet compliance standards.

3. Compliance Manager
Hiring a Compliance Manager can be a great investment for dispensaries. The laws concerning legal marijuana can vary from state to state, and a Compliance Manager’s job is to make sure that company operations fall in line with local, state, and federal regulations. They also keep the staff updated on any changing requirements.

4. Dispensary Manager
A Dispensary Manager must have prior experience working in retail. They are responsible for hiring, training, and managing a team of employees. They should also be savvy when it comes to sales and possess great people skills. They have to ensure that the staff complies with all regulations.

5. Sales Representative
A Sales Representative for a cannabis company is primarily responsible for developing successful sales strategies. They take initiative to improve product branding, manage existing accounts, and build new partnerships in the retail space. They have to educate consumers about what their brand stands for and understand how to effectively target potential customers.

6. Budtender
Budtender is a role for a “people person” — they should be knowledgeable about cannabis and ready to educate and answer any questions that will help consumers choose the right strain for their needs. They serve as the first point of reference for dispensary customers, so they need solid communication skills.

7. Trimmer
This is an entry-level position for those who are just looking to get started in the industry. Typically, Trimmers don’t need any special education, but they do have to be at least 21 and obtain a permit from the state. Trimmers are generally paid an hourly wage, and it is often a part-time or seasonal position, although some larger companies keep them on full-time all year. Trimmers are responsible for removing buds from the stems and trimming the leaves of the cannabis plant.

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