When searching for a new job, there are a lot of factors to consider before signing the offer letter. Job seekers want to be assured that the compensation is appropriate, that good benefits are provided, that there is room for growth, and that their work will matter. But, according to Jobplex, the top things millennials — who are currently the largest generation in the workforce — are looking for in new jobs are flexibility and work-life balance. Now, more than ever before, employees are seeking out companies that have a “work hard, play hard” mentality.

We’ve rounded up four unique new food companies whose cultures and missions are as exciting as the products themselves. From all-you-can-eat edible cookie dough to Willy Wonka-style kitchens, these companies don’t disappoint. And the best news? Most of them are actively hiring.

1. Chew Innovation
Chew Innovation is a Boston-based food lab that’s made it their mission to create delicious, innovative food that both tastes good and is good for you. Chew’s founder, Adam Melonas, has been described as a modern-day Willy Wonka. He’s passionate about creating newer, better foods, and it’s a passion that spills over into everyone who works alongside him. All employees have to sign nondisclosure agreements before ever setting foot in the lab, but once they’re inside, they’re welcomed into an extremely collaborative, totally egalitarian workplace. If you’ve ever dreamed of a job that allows you to play, invent, and explore all day long, then Chew is definitely worth a look.

2. Edoughble
Based in Los Angeles, Edoughble is the first nationally-sold edible cookie dough brand. Started in 2013, by former pastry chef Rana Lustyan, the company is small but growing. Edoughble currently employs only a dozen or so people, which makes for a close-knit, laid-back work environment. But laid-back doesn’t mean there’s a lack of passion and drive. Lustyan is a member of The F Project, a group of 100 female founders who have come together to support, empower, and promote each other’s projects, and she is a major advocate for women in the workplace. This female-driven, family-centered workplace would be the perfect place to start a career — and getting to taste test every new flavor before it hits the shelves is definitely a perk.

3. Good Stock
Beginning as a passion project for Ben LeBlanc, Good Stock has grown from its humble Smorgasburg origins to a small soup empire. Now with two permanent locations in New York City, one in the West Village and one in Midtown, Good Stock sells a variety of soups, ranging from a classic chicken and vegetable to a more adventurous beet and ginger. Creativity and ingenuity are two of the company’s biggest values, and a love for food (plus a desire to eat a lot of it) is an unspoken requirement for employment. This is the perfect place for anyone who’s looking for an excuse to get imaginative in the kitchen and who loves a good working day soundtrack.

4. Love Corn
Another small, but rapidly expanding company, Love Corn is a colorful brand that epitomizes fun. This New York City-based premium roasted corn company is vibrant and youthful. Employees know that a good summer Friday always kicks off with a beer and a handful of crunchy BBQ or habanero corn. The working philosophy at Love Corn is to always say ‘yes’ first and then learn how to do it later. It was this can-do attitude that won the team a “savory snack of the year” award in 2017.

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