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About Us
Siete Foods makes delicious, healthy Mexican American food! Siete is on a mission to share the flavors and traditions that brought the Garza family together in their journey to health.
5 Open Positions
Contract Manufacturing Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
What do Gordon Ramsey, all the nannies from Nanny 911, and Morpheus from The Matrix, and YOU all have in common? Besides being able to save the world from near-sheer disaster (it takes a village, you know), you and these acclaimed heroe...
Director of Research and Development
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
If the Director of R&D role were a genre of music, it'd be techno. Like techno music, which beeps, bops, and repeats at about 150 bpm, our Director of R&D understands the importance of fast-paced, reliable consistency for testin...
Brand Chef
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
If you're the kind of person who'll spend hours with your nose buried in every type of recipe book-envisioning all the ways you'd make the recipes even better-or the kind of person who related a little too much to Remy from Ratatouille (...
Merchandiser - San Antonio (Contract)
Siete Family Foods - San Antonio Texas
A lot of magic happens in grocery stores. Who doesn't love picking the perfect avocado or bumping into your neighbor's sister's elementary school teacher? But nothing pleases the eye like a colorful, organized display, right?? If you're ...
Logistics Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
POP QUIZ! True or False: 3PLs are your BFFs but you can hang with the Lumpers. Short Answer: What's the difference between a Reefer and a Dry Van? Hypothetical Question: If you scheduled Truck A to arrive at Destination at 1115 EDT, bu...