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Siete Foods makes delicious, healthy Mexican American food! Siete is on a mission to share the flavors and traditions that brought the Garza family together in their journey to health.
8 Open Positions
Grocery Channel Sales Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
Are you the kind of person who writes down their exact list of groceries for your holiday meals in Q4 by the end of Q1? (Not unlike your crazy-precise forecasting skills, actually...) Are your favorite words actually acronyms like TDP a...
Senior HR Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
You're a home run of a Human Resources' people leader. How can we be so sure? All the humans say so! Not only are you supporting and encouraging like the world's greatest coach, but you're a certified pro when it comes to creating and i...
Accounting Revenue Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
Ever since you were little, your favorite part of going to sleep has been counting sheep. In fact, the prospect of counting sheep, stars, and grains of sand was almost too exciting to be considered a bedtime activity. Years (and 3+ year...
Accounting Operations Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
Raise one hand if you were the first person in your 3rd grade math class to type in .7734 into your calculator and greet the person next to you? Now put up your other hand if you can lead the monthly close process with your eyes closed?...
Merchandiser - Austin (Contract)
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
A lot of magic happens in grocery stores. Who doesn't love picking the perfect avocado or bumping into your neighbor's sister's elementary school teacher? But nothing pleases the eye like a colorful, organized display, right?? If you're ...
Senior Financial Analyst
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
As a child, you dreamed of forecasting things like raining meatballs, and cats and dogs. This affinity grew from your (albeit very mature-for-your-age) love of analysis, reporting, and the weather channel. It wasn't until you held your ...
Senior Director of Sales - Natural
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
You're a Sales whiz, a Natural Channel expert, a problem solver, and a super cool, very rad human being, too-of course! While most people's favorite acronyms are ones like LOL, ILY, and JK, yours are ones like TDP, CPG, and WFM (honorab...
Field Marketing Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
You know those posters growing up that said things like, "teamwork makes the dream work" or, "there's no 'I' in team"? Sure, they were cheesy, but hey, you've always thought they were onto something! You're a firm believer that a good, ...