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About Us
Siete Foods makes delicious, healthy Mexican American food! Siete is on a mission to share the flavors and traditions that brought the Garza family together in their journey to health.
6 Open Positions
Sales Planning Coordinator
Siete Family Foods - Austin TX
You see a color-coded planner with multiple tabs for appointment tracking, meal planning, birthday reminders, grocery lists, and deadlines as a cathartic piece of art. And a well-thought-out spreadsheet of consumption forecasts? Well, t...
Events Coordinator
Siete Family Foods - Austin TX
A list of people you've got on speed dial:⁃Multiple event venues (Charming farmhouse? Rustic warehouse? Cozy house-house? You've got the number for all the venues!)⁃Lily, Daisy, and Hawthorne-the best local florists in town ⁃A friend of ...
Accounts Payable Specialist
Siete Family Foods - Austin TX
Say you see a group of people searching for a needle in a haystack-do you:A. Slowly moonwalk away... B. Encourage everyone to give up and grab tacos together instead! C. Google "how to find a needle in a haystack." There's bound to be a ...
NetSuite Administrator
Siete Family Foods - Austin TX
You're a people person with stellar communication skills, so you're everyone's go-to, right hand, and work bestie, too! Mostly because you've got a great personality with lots of layers, each more fun than the next (like a parfait or a ...
Director of Brand Experience
Siete Family Foods - Austin TX
Wield your creative wizardry and embrace your inner maestro of memory-making as the Director of Brand Experience at Siete Family Foods! Our familia is on the hunt for an inventive marketing extraordinaire, who is ready to take charge of ...
Demand Planning Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin TX
If you were a superhero, you'd be Captain Data! You know, the hero who saves the day with the power of detailed charts, forecast spreadsheets, and supply chain stats? That's you! You're a gifted data whiz with a knack for proactively pla...