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Siete Foods makes delicious, healthy Mexican American food! Siete is on a mission to share the flavors and traditions that brought the Garza family together in their journey to health.
9 Open Positions
Grocery Channel Sales Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
Are you the kind of person who writes down their exact list of groceries for your holiday meals in Q4 by the end of Q1? (Not unlike your crazy-precise forecasting skills, actually...) Are your favorite words actually acronyms like TDP a...
Supply Planner
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
True to your namesake, for every question of "what's up," you know exactly what's "'sup." You're a SUP-ply Planner, after all. Not only do you know the supply forecast better than any weather channel crew knows the weather, but you thri...
Procurement Coordinator
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
A non-exhaustive list of the things we're pro: productivity, produce, proficiency, protractors (just us?), pro-blem solving, and procurement. Coincidentally, we are looking for a proactive Procurement Coordinator to join our team of pro...
Logistics Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
POP QUIZ! True or False: 3PLs are your BFFs but you can hang with the Lumpers. Short Answer: What's the difference between a Reefer and a Dry Van? Hypothetical Question: If you scheduled Truck A to arrive at Destination at 1115 EDT, bu...
Director of Supply Chain - Logistics
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
"Logistics" as defined by our family, is: making breakfast tacos with the perfect ratio of fillings to hot sauce; landing corny jokes like the guy who posted bad dad jokes in his front lawn for passersby; and successfully coming up with...
Contract Manufacturing Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
What do Gordon Ramsey, all the nannies from Nanny 911, and Morpheus from The Matrix, and YOU all have in common? Besides being able to save the world from near-sheer disaster (it takes a village, you know), you and these acclaimed heroe...
Director of Research and Development
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
If the Director of R&D role were a genre of music, it'd be techno. Like techno music, which beeps, bops, and repeats at about 150 bpm, our Director of R&D understands the importance of fast-paced, reliable consistency for testin...
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
Where some people turn to magic eight balls or magic sorting hats to determine fates and futures, there's no need for any of that when you're around. Specific to hiring and recruiting, you've got a keen sense of intuition, which is seco...
Senior HR Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
You're a home run of a Human Resources' people leader. How can we be so sure? All the humans say so! Not only are you supporting and encouraging like the world's greatest coach, but you're a certified pro when it comes to creating and i...