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About Us
Siete Foods makes delicious, healthy Mexican American food! Siete is on a mission to share the flavors and traditions that brought the Garza family together in their journey to health.
5 Open Positions
Senior HR Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
You're a home run of a Human Resources' people leader. How can we be so sure? All the humans say so! Not only are you supporting and encouraging like the world's greatest coach, but you're a certified pro when it comes to creating and i...
Merchandiser - Austin (Contract)
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
A lot of magic happens in grocery stores. Who doesn't love picking the perfect avocado or bumping into your neighbor's sister's elementary school teacher? But nothing pleases the eye like a colorful, organized display, right?? If you're ...
Commercialization Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
You're like a human bullet journal: unique, creative, productive, organized, and intentional. And when it comes to work, it's no different. You get the job done, always-partly because checking tasks off of your color-coded to-do lists i...
Customer Operations Specialist
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
What do the Energizer Bunny, Hermione Granger, and Thomas the Tank Engine have in common? At first glance, it may not seem like they have much in common, but each of them possesses the qualities of our dream candidate: brilliance, punctu...
Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager
Siete Family Foods - Austin Texas
You remember the first time someone called you a materials sourcing sorcerer, and you've worn it like the badge of honor it is ever since. In fact, you're so good at sourcing, people can't help but write off your skills to magic. "Truth...