The ForceBrands team is made up of incredibly talented individuals who work remotely, coast to coast — from Boston to Los Angeles.

In celebration of Women’s History Month (March), we’re highlighting some #FemaleForces on our own team (it is 76 percent female, after all) who are helping to build today’s most exciting and impactful consumer brands.

Read on to get to know some of our talented female leaders. Or, as we like to say, female forces.

Annette Kim

Annette Kim

Title: Manager, Client Strategy
Remote work location: Los Angeles
What she does in her role: As a Manager of Client Strategy, I am your dedicated advisor on all things brand-building. I spend a lot of time getting to know your story, brand positioning, and overall goal of what success looks like to each unique leader and assist in putting those pieces together. Beyond recruitment, any market insights and resources are things I love to be consultative on as I am motivated by providing a valuable partnership to see our industry succeed! Especially minority and women-led brands as that has continued to grow in our world.
What she loves most about her job: My favorite part of the gig is that I get to connect with so many different visionaries and leaders who create brands I’m passionate about and be a part of their growth journey. Everyone has a one-of-a-kind story, and if there is any way I can add value not only as a consultant of sorts, but as a true consumer, it feels very personal and special to have that level of impact.
Her personal motto: I try to lead all aspects of my life by humanizing every interaction. As Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Rose Baseil Massa

Title: Senior Executive Recruiter
Remote work location: I’m based in Sunnyside, Queens, New York most of the time, but I spend loads of time with my family in New Jersey as well as traveling. Remote work is the best!
What she does in her role: I’m a Senior Executive Recruiter at ForceBrands, and I focus quite a bit in marketing and creative roles across better-for-you consumer brands. I’m also on our DEI Committee, which allows me to contribute to impactful initiatives within our team, like continued learning & development opportunities and celebratory events.
What she loves most about her job: What I love most about my job is speaking to people from so many different backgrounds with such a wide variety of passions. Every time I talk to a candidate, I learn something new about how brands, teams, and people function, and I think that’s really cool.
Her personal motto: Ooo, this is a hard one! Probably that glitter makes everything better. I carry it with me everywhere

Erin Linfonte

Title: Team Lead, Client Strategy
Remote work location: Miami
What she does in her role: As a Manager of Client Strategy & Operations, I support brands and businesses in the food, non-alc beverage, and wellness space, with their hiring strategy based on market intelligence and growth trajectory.
What she loves most about her job: Most of the brands I partner with are on a mission to make the world a better place, and I love helping those brands grow and succeed!
Personal motto: “Be Here Now” (I’m a huge Ram Das fan)

Andie Turitz

Title: Principal
Remote Location: New York, N.Y.
What she does in her role: I am a Principal Recruiter with ForceBrands. I specialize in VP, C-suite, and Board opportunities across Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, and General Management.
What you love most about your job: So many things honestly. At the risk of sounding cliche, there’s really nothing better than being part of such a life-changing moment, starting a dream job – and on the other end – bringing on a dream teammate.  It’s incredibly rewarding. I respect the role that I have in that process and it’s important to me to ensure the partnerships we’re helping to create are successful and long-lasting.
I will also say it’s incredibly fun. I love the industry we work within, the fast-paced nature, the incredible talent, learning about new brands and industries and being able to consult on growing teams alongside some of the sharpest Founders and Executive Leaders I’ve had the pleasure to meet.
Personal motto:  Never stop learning. Never assume you know it all, the world is full of new lessons, new situations, new areas that you haven’t yet explored. Be a sponge, take it in, and with all that knowledge, you’ll have a much better view and a much bigger impact.

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