On June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade, affecting countless Americans.

In a historic 5-4 vote, Roe v. Wade — the 1973 landmark decision that guaranteed a constitutional right to an abortion — was struck down. While the widespread impact of the decision will reverberate for weeks, months, and years, people and corporations were quick to speak out.

Major U.S. companies like Meta, Apple, Disney, and JPMorgan Chase responded to the ruling by stating that they will cover all travel-related costs for employees seeking reproductive medical care.

We looked at our own community of consumer brands to see how they’re reacting to the loss of Roe v. Wade.


LOLA, the first lifelong brand for a woman’s body, is dedicated to providing women with an ever-expanding portfolio of trusted products and candid information about reproductive health. In the wake of SCOTUS’s decision, the company announced that it will offer a direct line of communication for women seeking reproductive health care resources. Committed to activism and supporting women’s rights, LOLA launched LOLA Gives Back in 2016, as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to raise awareness about menstrual inequality.

2. Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens was founded more than a decade ago as a way to bring comprehensive and convenient daily nutrition to just about everybody. The company’s philosophy is to focus on a very small number of products based on what the latest science indicates is essential to human health. “As a company whose mission is empowering people to take ownership of their health, with products that are deeply rooted in science, we believe all humans should have equal rights when it comes to making decisions about the health and wellness of their own bodies,” the company shared on Instagram, citing that the ruling was a “health ownership issue.”


Female and LGBTQ+ founded and led ice cream brand COOLHAUS announced on its Instagram that it’s committed to fighting for accessible, comprehensive reproductive healthcare and contraception for all. Founded in 2009 by Natasha Case and Freya Estreller, COOLHAUS was built to inspire the next generation of diverse founders, entrepreneurs, and creators to live out their dreams. As the top women-led ice cream company in the nation with sandwiches, cones, pints, and cups in thousands of grocery stores nationwide, the innovative company represents positive change, pushes the envelope for the future, and creates high-quality ice cream and plant-based novelties for all to enjoy. 

4. Glossier

Glossier was founded in 2014 on the belief that beauty isn’t built in a boardroom — it happens when you’re a part of the process. On a mission to give voice through beauty, Glossier has built an inclusive community of fans who feel empowered to create their own skincare and makeup routines. “We will continue to stand with our community and the #DontBanEquality Coalition,” the company announced on Instagram. In addition, Glossier offered its audience three resources for those looking to learn more or get involved: Planned Parenthood, Pro-Choice America, and the ACLU.

5. EO Products

Co-founder and Co-CEO Susan Griffin-Black shared in a statement on Instagram that she was “shocked, scared, and ashamed” of the ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade. “For women, mothers, parents, people, and the planet, the right to choose is embedded in our values and represents all that is good, true, and fair about democracy. We stand together with those shocked, angry, outraged, and defeated,” she said. EO Products, which offers body care products with active botanicals and pure essential oils, is a leader in community activism. The company donates its products and makes financial contributions to organizations that serve the community. In addition, EO Products creates local job opportunities and offers employees paid time off to volunteer.